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Ricardo Du Toit

Logorama is François Alaux and Hervé de Créc's other short-film, made before Ghost Recon: Alpha and tests our ability to recognize brands in this new spin of a parody.

It starts out fairly simple. Two Michelin men who are cops, go have a bite at KFC, but get called to pursue a bad Ronald McDonald. Do you see where I'm getting at?

The city itself, while a loose recreation of Los Angeles, is entirely composed by hundreds of brands, that fill the screen, not only with color, but function as geometrical easter eggs.

See that E! Entertainment logo? Yeah, it's two pillars at the entrance of the zoo. Speaking of which, what movie studio uses a lion in their logo? Yep, you got it MGM and he here all year-round!

However, under these colorful tones, there seems to be an underlying criticism and awareness, telling us that we are invaded by brands on a daily basis, that they are everywhere and that it's all part of the corporate America that we know. Because it doesn't bluntly state it out like this, we are able to enjoy the amazing thought into every single detail, begging to be rewatched and paused, just so you can see how many brands you catch.

You can watch Logorama below and let me know your thoughts!


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