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Let's face it. Seeing celebrities guest star on your favorite TV sitcoms can either be amazing, or it can be a disaster. Over the years that Friends was on the air, over 50 major celebrities guest starred on the show. Here are my five favorites!

1. Bruce Willis

"You're a love machine!" - Paul Stevens

Seen In: 'The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad,' Season 6. As the father of Ross' girlfriend, Willis's character, Paul Stevens, was on Friends for a total of three episodes. It's rumored that Willis was on the show because of a bet he made with his Whole Nine Yards co-star, Matthew Perry. The two agreed that if their film did well at the box office then Willis would guest star on Friends. Sure enough the film did great, and Willis kept his word, appearing on the show for free. What a stud.

2. Winona Ryder

"I still remember the sound of our coconut shells knocking together..." - Melissa Warburton

Seen In: 'The One With Rachel's Big Kiss' Season 7. Winona Ryder starred on Friends as Melissa Warburton, Rachel's friend from college. The two share an interesting past as Rachel claims that she and Melissa kissed one night after drinking too much in college. Melissa repeatedly denies the claim until Rachel finally puckers up and plants one on her, causing Melissa to confess she has been in love with Rachel ever since college. The best part? Phoebe's reaction.

3. Jennifer Coolidge

"But first thing's first. Touch my abs. I don't exercise at all." - Amanda Buffamonteezi

Seen In: 'The One With Ross' Tan,' Season 10. Jennifer Coolidge brings tons of laughs as Amanda Buffamonteszi, an obnoxious former roommate of Phoebe and Monica's. A pretentious socialite, Amanda annoys the gang with her outrageous stories, dance routines, and fake British accent. This, combined with the sub-plot of Ross' tan failure, makes for one of my favorite episodes from the entire series. Seriously. I have watched Amanda's dance routine WAY to many times.

4. Freddie Prinze Jr.

"It's alright Ross. Crying is good. It lets all the boo-hoos out." - Sandy

Seen In: 'The One With The Male Nanny,' Season 9. '90's heartthrob, Freddie Prinze Jr., guest starred on Friends as a male nurse named Sandy. Hired by Ross and Rachel to look after Emma, Sandy quickly gets on Ross' nerves with his feminine tendencies. Prinze Jr. is great in this role, balancing the humor of the situation with the reality of how our culture stereotypes men. The best part is when Prinze Jr. teaches Joey lessons about friendship using his elementary puppets. So good.

5. Brad Pitt

"Typical of you, Rachel Green. Queen Rachel does whatever she wants in Rachel-Land" - Will Colbert

Seen In: 'The One With The Rumor,' Season 8. Brad Pitt guest starred on Friends as Will Colbert, a former classmate to Ross, Rachel and Monica. Over Thanksgiving dinner, hilarious secrets begin coming out about their time in high-school together. The 'I hate Rachel Green' club is reunited and reforged at the dinner table as its only members, Ross and Will, recount the hermaphrodite rumor they started about Rachel in high school. What makes this episode even more hilarious? The fact that Pitt and Aniston were married to each other at the time they filmed this episode. Gold.

Bonus: Maggie Wheeler

Because Janice is simply the best.

So there you have it! My five, okay six, favorites! What do you think? Let me know by taking the poll below!


Which celebrity guest star is YOUR favorite?


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