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"Zootopia" is the next animated film released by Disney and it's set in a metropolis consisting of anthropomorphic animals, the main focus going towards the first bunny police officer, Judy Hopps, (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) who's trying to prove herself as a real cop and in doing so, gets assigned to a case where she has to team up with a fox named Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman. Their case is basically a search for missing predators throughout the city and the story plays on from that premise.

Right away, the voice cast immediately displays their talent at full force. Ginnifer Goodwin did an excellent job in providing the enthusiastic, go-getter attitude for Judy Hopps and her personality clashes well with the laid back, sleazy behavior of Nick Wilde, a truly hilarious, yet still emotionally resonant character brought to life by Jason Bateman's great work as a voice actor. There are plenty of other well known actors involved such as Idris Elba and J. K. Simmons doing good jobs in their supporting roles, and hell, even Shakira makes an appearance every now and then and does a surprisingly good job with her limited screen time. There's no weak link as far as voice acting is concerned, but the real focus is on the characters of Judy and Nick, both of whom stand out when they need to in terms of performances and character moments.

This movie also succeeds in being yet another beautifully animated film. That's a given for Disney, considering that even their bad films are still well animated, but a good Disney product can obviously be elevated by great animated and that's exactly the case with "Zootopia". The real detail stands out when there are wide shots of Zootopia and it's brought even more to life when you see how the equally well animated characters interact with their environment. Disney has always triumphed in creating movies that are at least great from a technical standpoint and this movie is no exception.

However, where this movie truly gets its success is from having a very layered and mature story. Yes, this movie is funny and it has plenty of cute moments for little kids to enjoy, but the story itself has themes dealing with stuff like prejudice, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance. A lot of the stuff in this movie serves as a metaphor for at least one aspect of modern day society and given everything going on with the Republican front-runner for President and his plight to both flirt with his own daughter and basically punish any non-whites in this country, this movie serves as a relevant piece of entertainment that also means to teach audiences basic stuff about dealing with racism and prejudice. It's handled extremely well, especially considering that the other movie coming out this weekend is basically just a circle-jerk for whites while all dark-skinned people are either viewed as bad guys or expendable income.

My only flaw with this movie is that there comes a point in the third act where it starts to fall victim to the typical villain reveal and a conspiracy of sorts is revealed. It's actually quite relevant in terms of its social message, but it still felt slightly out of place and even felt like a last minute add on right before production was finished. Other Disney movies such as "Frozen" also suffered from this flaw and I'd honestly like to see more modern Disney films go through its story without having to shoehorn a villain into the plot at the very end.

Overall, "Zootopia" is a very good movie that's well animated with great voice acting and an important, well handled story that applies to every person of every age in today's world. Disney has shown in recent years that it's still capable of making solid movies for the whole family, whether it be standalone Disney or even Pixar, but you can go ahead and chalk this movie up as a victory for the former.

Rating: Full Price!


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