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**WARNING: 'The Walking Dead' spoilers from Not Tomorrow Yet lie ahead**

So back late last month, I (and about 30 other TWD news sites) clued you in on what happened in the time jump between No Way Out and The Next World. It was 2 months of mystery that will probably unfold as we get going in season 6.

But honestly tell me...did you for once think to yourself, “self, did anything happen to anyone else besides Rick and Carl???” Because I sure the hell didn't.

Well, turns out, someone else might have had”happen” to them. Their lips to be precise. At least in this Sunday's episode.



According to those wonderfully evil Spoiling Dead Fans, it's Tobin!

Apparently, there's a scene involving Carol, Tobin, cookies, and a kiss. No flowers though, thank goodness.

But could this have been building up over the past 2 months? I'm thinking it's probably so. We just had this huge time jump, and it man, it surely would take a lot more than an hour and some cookies to break the Carol shell.

Sorry folks, ain't happening just yet.

uh...heads up, Tobin...
uh...heads up, Tobin...

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