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All Monsters Are Human.
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I dished out the Disney females that would kick ass more than say "Hakuna Matata" so now it is time to count down the twelve Disney males that would make a "man out of you." Many may have relations to the Disney females I listed but this list will be completely about the guys.

District 1: Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty

Prince Phillip comes from the luxury district because he was an actual prince before finding his love. He slayed a dragon that was the transformation of the evil sorceress, Maleficent. Also, he is good with animals, bringing his horse everywhere he goes. Give him a sword and he will be the toughest competitor to get through!

District 2: Kristoff from Frozen

Blonde beauty Kristoff makes the list because he is amazing with animals. His bond with animals taught him how to be patient in the arena and will eventually get him far as he will not be as ruthless as the other tributes.

District 3: Dash from The Incredibles

What would this list be without our speedy little devil? Dash is fast on his feet which makes him an unstoppable threat to the others in the arena. He can run up trees to get away or simply run around the entire arena to escape a threat. I would place my bets on him. Too bad he is not strong enough to fight back.

District 4: Eric from The Little Mermaid

He may be a lover and not a fighter but that does not mean he cannot stand his ground in the arena. For crying out loud, at the end of his film, he took out a sea witch with his boat. That shows creativity which will be a force to be reckoned with in the arena. Isn't it so PUNtastic that he is in the fishing district?

District 5: Li Shang from Mulan

This man was no match for the Huns and he will be no match for any of the tributes. He can pretty much use any weapon to his advantage, even if something is not primarily used as a weapon. Bring him a war and he will bring you victory.

District 6: Peter Pan from Peter Pan

The boy who can fly will soar over the arena. He can swiftly get away through flight or use his expert fencing skills to send his competition to NeverLand. He can protect himself and fight a good battle. He may be afraid of his shadow and growing up but The Hunger Games will not defeat him.

District 7: Hercules from Hercules

It is about time a Greek God appears in the arena. Using his God-like abilities and strength, he can be the next Thresh. Except he will not end up bashing in someone's skull like Thresh did. Hercules will prevail in his own way. You just have to stay tuned to find out.

District 8: Flynn from Tangled

He may have been taken down by a long-haired girl and her frying pan but he sure can pack a punch. Even with his face on every wanted poster, he knows how to get away and fool anyone in his path. He is used to being on the run and will get away at any means necessary. Plus, his smoldering charm will cancel out the competition easily.

District 9: Aladdin from Aladdin

He is generous, honest, and a charmer. He is Aladdin. Although he steals, he does it for the right reasons. He started on the bottom and then rose to the top. Even without the Genie's powers, he will outsmart his way through the games and may gain support from sponsors. Keep an eye out for him.

District 10: Tarzan from Tarzan

The king of the jungle, Tarzan will truly outplay his opponents. He knows how to get around in unknown environments. His love for animals will prove he has what it takes and his abilities to outmaneuver a predator will come in handy. He may not own many clothes but he will prove less clothes is an advantage.

District 11: John Smith from Pocahontas

He may appear bad but there is goodness underneath. John Smith is loyal to his people until he needs to betray them to save someone he loves and trusts. His ability to make it look like he is playing on one side when in reality he is helping the other side will prove he knows what it takes to be number one.

District 12: Adam from Beauty and the Beast

He may not be in his beast form but that will not matter. Even in human form, he knows what lies inside the mind of a beast-like creature. That will be used to his advantage as he steamrolls his way through the other tributes to be the last man standing.


Which Disney male do you believe has the best chance to win The Hunger Games?


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