ByMalcolm Dwain Carter, writer at

Malcolm Carter Productions and Final Line Entertainment releases the new teaser trailer of their new short film Off The Grid yesterday on MCP Network YouTube Channel. In the new teaser we are revealed to the characters and the situation they are in. The new short film is set to premiere this summer. The synopsis of the film was also released as well. Four strangers wake up in a unfamiliar area. All four individuals are given cell phones that places them into a situation of crime, mystery and betrayal once they answer the call. They must follow the rules or find the truth on their own.

With Off The Grid being the first short film of 2016 for Malcolm Carter Productions and Final Line Entertainment, it's time to see what they have in store for the audience. The teaser trailer was pretty good and had viewers wondering what the story will be like. I'm pretty sure the plot of this story will be a little complicated because of the title, but we will see when it release this summer online. MCP did a great job with the last part of Retribution Movie Series last year. Hopefully we can expect the action we were promised in Retribution which by the way is coming out with a full web series sometime this year.

Off The Grid is set the release this summer. To get the last updates on the short film, check them out on Facebook


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