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The very first article I wrote on this website was about East Asian Action cinema, and I figured it was finally time to go soul searching and get back to my roots. I haven't gotten a chance to watch one of these films in quite a while, due to peaked interests in other genres, so I was extremely excited when I sat down to watch one earlier in the week. Granted I re-watched The Raid: Redemption, but it was nice reliving old feelings while watching the movie. So I would like to offer up the top five greatest action scenes from East Asian Action cinema.

The Raid 2 Kitchen Fight

*This is not the actual music from the film*

Evan's vision is crystal clear in this film, and he presents to us a seemingly flawless piece of art. Set aside the brilliant choreography, the continuity of the editing, mixed with the sound, and brilliant camera work sets this film apart from others in the genre. This is an exemplary scene where everyone involved in this film gets a chance to showcase their talents.

The Protector The Long Take

Hate on me if you will but I absolutely LOVE that one long shot from The Protector. It is one long uninterrupted take of a man fighting for something that he is willing to die over. This film is what Bernie Sanders would be if he knew karate.

Merantau Pole Vaulting

Ranking in as the unofficial prequel of The Raid: Redemption, and the second Gareth Evan's film on our list, this scene has one of the most heart-stopping moments when our protagonist hits an antagonist directly in the chest with a bamboo pole. When watching the behind the scenes I saw how they brilliantly mixed 90% practical effects with a bit of CGI to pull of the brilliant bamboo pole effect.

Ip Man (Yip Man) 1 vs. 10

A film based on the man who trained Bruce Lee, what more can you expect from it than a one on 10 fight? Donnie Yen throws some of the most amazing punches and soul crushing kicks I have ever seen. The whole film is colorfully appealing, and then there is this scene. Black and white, to an extent, and beautifully done this film, not to mention this scene, stand out in the genre and still hold their own weight to this day.

Kung Fu Killer (Kung Fu Jungle) Final Fight

Granted Kung Fu Killer was really flawed and lacked in many MANY categories, it is one of the most emotionally thrilling of the genre. This final fight scene is fun, fast, and semi-nerve wracking, seeing how cars are zipping around. I love the stick play they indulge in, and their hand-to-hand combat is that of masters!

Honorable Mention: The Protector Fire FIght

What are your favorite fight scenes in Action Cinema?


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