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We all know the classic Disney stories and how they went down, but we're now in the 21st century and people are now relying more heavily on the internet to solve their problems! What a time to be alive! We can solve any dilemma in the space of 5 seconds, what would happen if Disney characters had the same access as we do?

1. Cinderella could have stayed at the ball

You know when you're at a party and you have to leave suddenly because you're getting a lift with a friend? Well that's exactly how Cinderella felt when she had no choice but to leave otherwise she wouldn't have a way home. She wanted to stay at the ball and fall in love with the prince and that's exactly what she could have done, if only she had access to Google to find a taxi service, or I'm sure in those times a horse and cart.

2. Belle just wants to enjoy her books with out a price

There are plenty of far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise all on line, all Belle had to do would have been to Google 'Online Books' and then tada she as instant access to plenty of free books. I'm sure the book seller was over charging Belle...

3. There's always something online to cure Aladdin's libidinous...

There's no denying the fact that teenagers like Aladdin and Jasmine had some very strong connection to each other, but they came across each other under extremely drastic circumstances. I mean, now days, online dating is a major thing... and Aladdin could have used Google to fulfill his desires.

4. Mike needs some lessons at being funny...

When the newly minted Monsters, Inc. re-opens for business as a laugh factory, some of the new recruits may have a difficult time getting their comedic timing down. Lucky for them, they could Google a Joke of the Day site and help power the city one laugh at a time.

5. Owl is wise, but is he wise enough?

Owl is one smart cookie, but is he smart enough to go up against people like Steven Hawking? I think a little more research using Google could prove just maybe.

6. Legal advice?

Carl certainly chose the hard way when he decided to keep his house. But if he had just Googled lawyer he would have found 293,000,000 results, I'm sure something would have come along and helped him out. Saves him buying all those balloons...

7. Get physical, take care of your body!

The residents of The Axiom have a minor fitness problem. So much so that they eventually tilt the entire space station. No worries! If they had just Googled a health and fitness site, the return to gravity would be an easy transition. Or maybe they have an alternate version of Google, you know being thousands of years set in the future. Aoogle?

8. I'm lost....

Google Maps sure would have come in handy for Marlin and Dory to find Nemo. I mean it probably would have cut down their journey but a day... as it always shows you the quickest route first.

What do you think? Would Google make the Disney world easier for their problems to be solved?


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