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20 years have passed since the first generation of Pokémon was ever released and in those 20 years, we have seen a lot of different games and six different generations. Everyone has his favourite Pokémon generation and frankly I do too, but I'd like to rank these Pokémon generations based on their visual appeal, gameplay and features.

So let's dive into my top 5 list of Pokémon generations:

5. Generation VI - X and Y

On the fifth spot we have the latest generation of X and Y. While this generation is considered one of the easiest in the whole Pokémon line, it still has some very good features that lands it on #5. New Character customization, mega evolutions, sky battles, horde battles and many more. The 3D graphics gave Pokémon some of the best visuals so far, and the pokedex got expanded to more than 700 Pokémon.

4. Generation III - Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

I might be a little biased on this one, mainly because this was my first Game Boy SP game and as a kid I was not putting it down. These games gave us a big visual update from the previous G/S/C games and a whole separate region far away from the usual Kanto-Johto neighborhood. While these games were criticized for dropping fan favourite mechanics (like the day and night mechanic and the inability to trade with previous games) but they also added some mechanics essential to the games today. Pokémon natures, EV stat battle calculations, external weather, double battles and Pokémon contests, were all new groundbreaking mechanics introduced in the third generation..

3. Generation II - Gold, Silver and Crystal

The second generation was one of the most groundbreaking generations of all. The new features that it introduced were essential for the continuation and eventual evolution of the game series. Introducing an incredible number of features, including the day and night mechanic, shiny Pokémon, Pokémon Genders, a Poke phone, pre-evolutions and breeding, an array of different types of poke balls, the first three roaming legendaries and more. These three games alongside their remakes of Heartgold and Soulsilver are some of the fans most favourite Pokémon Games..

2. Generation IV - Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

The fourth generation compared to the other five, not only did introduce a huge array of new features, it did what no other Pokemon Game did before it, it combined all the innovations of the previous games into one. It kept the contests from the previous generation, brought back the night and day cycle, retained the EV and nature changes, many many more. In addition it added extra content, including an underground Sinnoh region, Pal Park (for the first time you could transfer Pokemons from previous games to newer ones), the Poketch, the Pokemon Mansion, honey based pokemon encounters, the Pokeradar and more. It is also the biggest game to date with over 400 different Pokemon available in game.

1. Generation I - Red, Blue and Yellow

Let's be honest, everyone saw this coming. The first generation of Pokemon games was the one that started it all. The one that made kids love the franchise and the one that made us all who we are. The first 150 Pokemon are still some of the most fan favourite Pokemon in the entire game series, and starters like Blastoise, Charizard and Mewtwo are still revered as some of the best Pokemon ever created. Their remakes the FireRed and LeafGreen games were also great, giving a visual upgrade to the all-time favourite generation.

This is my list of the top 5 generations of Pokemon games; do you believe it should be done differently? Let me know in the comment section below.


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