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I don't know about you, but I've discussed this topic numerous times and now there's finally an answer! SourceFedNERD is a You Tube channel and with some hefty calculations, came up with a number and it's alarming!

An obvious fan, Matt Lieberman, calculated the numbers using three main sources available to him (Comics, and the two shows) and like I said the numbers don't bode well for the group of survivors!

He Started the Outbreak in 2012, But The Walking Dead Premiered in 2010

I promise this article won't be long and after this question, I will give you the numbers! Matt Lieberman used some extraordinary math and for all of us who watch Fear the Walking Dead, there were some products that made us wonder a few things. Most notably was the inclusion of a certain Apple products that were released in 2011! This could be an oversight on the prop master, but these shows are AMC's bread and butter, therefore it really makes you wonder!

Okay, Here's the Video and the Number

The number of survivors on Earth is 382,885 and that's the whole Earth's population! I know that's crazy, but remember Americans love their firearms (I mean we really do, it's unhealthy) and a lot of other nations do not share the same passion. Imagine the zombie hordes and only having a really big knife to fight them.

That would be horrible and I don't know about you, but my friends and I always wonder how long it would take to clear out the United States? With these calculations, it would take bloody forever!


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