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So, I am loving Season 10 of The X Files. However I am an original Xphile so I do have a nostalgic biase to the series as a whole. I have found myself having to defend these new episodes to new viewers or people who casually watched the older seasons. The main criticisms seems to be that a) the new episodes feel rushed and confusing, cramming too much into their 40mins running time, and b) the acting is wooden and cheesy. Now as I say, I have defended each and every episode thus far, but after watching 'Home Again' here in the UK this week I have had to relent and say 'yeah, that was confusing, and not great'.

From Mulders total lack of emotional reaction to ALL of Scully's emotional outbursts to the terrible acting from the villains 'creator'. My main gripe is simply the confusion around the monster itself. Ok ok, before I get the comments about what the monster was....I understand what it was, how it was created, what it was trying to do, and that is what upsets me, I know all of that and the whole idea still seems stale and naff. I'm sure that many people will have loved the episode and the morality behind it, and I'm not blind to the brunches of the X files and the use of monsters as metaphors. But I still have this nagging question.....

Who was driving the garbage-truck?


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