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Back in 2014, the Sony hacks revealed that the studio was toying with the idea of a 23 Jump Street crossover with Men in Black. The surprising news received much criticism with many asking why combine two very different movie genres? They are both successful franchises but it seemed more like a studio cash grab idea. The talk about the crossover had seemingly disappeared with no new details have been revealed...until now.

Certain insiders have confirmed with Variety that the studio is still planning on producing the crossover movie. Early rumors indicate that director, James Bobin, is in talks to direct the comedy. His past experience includes Flight of the Concords, The Muppets, and the upcoming movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were already on board to reprise their hilarious roles as duo, Jenko and Schmidt. As for Men in Black, the idea was to add two younger actors as the agents rather than Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The newcomers would mean a total franchise relaunch by stepping away from Agent Kay and Jay. Now the question is, who would you like to see alongside Jenko and Schimdt? Here are my ideas:

Donald Glover

Age: 32

Known for: 30 Rock, Community, The To-Do List, Magic Mike XXL, Girls, The Martian. He is also a performer under the stage name, Childish Gambino.

Glover may be an up-and-comer to some but the seasoned veteran has a few big movies to his name. He has a lot of comedy work under his belt and has been linked to big franchises, most notably he was in the running for the role of Spiderman before it was given to Andrew Garfield. His work on Magic Mike XXL with Channing Tatum could help with the connection.

Thomas Mann

Age: 24

Known for: Project X, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Thomas Mann might be a little young for the role but he definitely has shown his potential in his last few roles. He has shown he can lead in a movie and has recently been announced to star in another big film, Kong: Skull Island.

Skylar Astin

Age: 28

Known for: Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2, 21 & Over

Skylar Astin may not have much experience in big roles but I would easily take a chance on him. His ability to act in a serious manner but also star in comedies gives him the range the crossover would be looking for. I could definitely see him running around getting into trouble with Jenko and Schmidt.

Michael B. Jordan

Age: 29

Known for: Fruitvale Station, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Fantastic Four, Creed

Probably one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, the crossover would be likely to get their hands on Michael B. Jordan. He has been in actions, dramas, comedies, and a reboot receiving a lot of praise. Plus, he gives me a young Will Smith vibe!

Rami Malek

Age: 34

Known for: Knight of the Museum, Short Term 12, Need for Speed, Mr. Robot

His breakout role did not come until this past summer when he became a household name after his role in Mr. Robot. His star is on the rise so I could see him popping up in a big franchise sooner than later.

Matthew Daddario

Age: 28

Known for: Delivery Man, When the Game Stands Tall, Shadowhunters, Cabin Fever

A relatively unknown might be exactly what the crossover is looking for considering they want a relaunch with fresh faces. Daddario being cast might be out of left field but I wouldn't be surprised if they look to cast a newcomer.

Miles Teller

Age: 29

Known for: Footloose, Project X, 21 & Over, Whiplash, Divergent, Fantastic Four

I had to include Miles Teller due to the fact that he has worked with many of the other people on the list. He has also shown his range based on his wide range of roles before the age of thirty. Teller has already worked on big franchises but would still be considered young enough to be enticing to directors.

Although the film hasn't officially received the greenlight from the studio, all sign point to it happening. Production would be rumored to start this June while all the plot details will remain top secret. Variety reported that only a few scripts are available and any clients who want to read it are required to drive to the studio to do so. The studio is believed to be happy with the script so it looks as though all they need now is their MIB counterparts!

Source: Variety, IMDb

Who would you like to see in the '23 Jump Street-Men in Black' crossover movie? Comment below!


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