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We have the final trailer for Allegiant! It looks pretty awesome! I'm here to break it down just a bit.

If you have read the books you can guess who this is. David is here explaining the divergent and how they're different. This leads to an obvious reflection of themselves.

Here there could be two reasons for this close talk. One is that they're talking about what David told them. That could be unnerving to any couple who are, genetically speaking, different. The other reason is that Four and Tris have been fighting.

This is deviating from the books. I don't remember a flying mechanism like this. However, it is definitely military grade and we'll see how they will be using it.

Tris and Christina having a one on one about how the outside world sees people who aren't divergent. Due to the fighting in the city, the scientists plan on killing everyone. Tris definitely doesn't feel the same as the other 'pure' people do.

This I do believe is the escape plan. These people were trying to get over the walls of the city to the outside world. Apparently, someone dies during the climb but I couldn't quite make out who.

Inside the city, there is a war going on. This is what leads the military scientists to think killing them all is the best idea. Four's father is at war with his mother trying to see who will be the leader of the city.

The new weaponry at the airport/command center is very high grade stuff. It is all way more high tech than was in the books! I can't wait to see all the things they have in their arsenal!

I'm pretty sure this is one of the space ship like vehicles we saw before. It's amazing to see! Hopefully we can see Tris in action with it.

Alot of things can be happening here! Considering it is Caleb at the wheel, anything can happen. Maybe this is part of the plan that was supposed to save the city or possibly something else all together.

This movie is going to be epic! I'm ecstatic that they are making this last journey a two part event! Here is the full trailer for you to see it all for yourself and tell us what you think of it!


How do you feel about the trailer?


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