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I am a humongous fan of Marvel's MCU, but that doesn't mean I automatically love everything they put on screen. When something is as expansive as the MCU, there will always be things that make you go 'Why the Funk' and I think that's what that means? Some moments though, make you go 'WTF' that was awesome and others 'WhyTF' did that make it in the movie? It just depends on the viewer and this viewer will discuss both those reactions in this article!

Can you imagine doing one of these for the X-Universe at Fox, it would probably be the title of a novel. I really do love those movies, especially the new trilogy, but Fox seemed like they didn't know what to do until Marvel's MCU.

So without any further attempts to alienate fans, here's my top 8 'WTF' moments in Marvel's MCU!

1. Why would Ultron want to be beautiful and then kill off humanity?

It's bout lookin good for yourself, WTF Ultron!
It's bout lookin good for yourself, WTF Ultron!

I am paraphrasing, but he said I wanted them to look in the sky and see hope? Who is looking up in sky, a robotic army? He picked two survivors in Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but they're brother and sister. I am not sure if Widow stealing his Vision, actually moved up the Sokovia land bomb?

Also, he didn't kill Black Widow so he could have someone to talk to, I think that's why? How will anyone survive this cataclysmic event? If you're confuse right now, so am I, because his actions barely made sense!

2. Hawkeye shoots an arrow in an outlet

This 'WTF' moment, really did just make me laugh out loud at the sheer craziness of the shot! I am not a scientist, but I think this shot is less plausible than the science from Thor's movies. I don't care, because it was fun and an awesome shot, but I still went 'WTF'!

3. So, Black Widow committed treason to erase her ledger (or something like that)

At the end of The Winter Soldier, she posted the trendy topic of Shield's secrets online for the world to see. That made me go 'WTF', not in the sense she should not have done that, but more in the sense of fist-pumping in the air! This piece is subjective and you probably won't agree with everything that I am writing (or anything at all) on this 'What the F*** list!'

4. Tony Stark's zucchini joke

You could make a list of all the hilarious things that Robert Downey Jr. has said during his tenure as Iron Man (I should really do that!). This was at the Battle of Sokovia and blast you Stark for putting the image of Hulk's member in my head. (You're welcome!)

5. Wait, how did Thor defeat the Destroyer?

Okay, so Thor is now worthy and then defeats something that was made to protect Asgard from any possible invaders and he really did defeat the Destroyer rather quickly.

I am not sure if this was to illustrate how powerful Thor was, or Marvel ran out of money to make the fight scene longer? They're in a tornado and Thor is about to close the gap between the two, then the Destroyer hits the ground.

Either way, Thor is my second favorite Asgardian, behind Lady Sif!

6. Hank Pym not letting his daughter become The Wasp

I don't have a problem with how zany, elaborate his plan was to have Scott become Ant-Man. I have a bigger problem with him not allowing Hope to become The Wasp. Darrin Cross just created Pym Particles and the world is in trouble. Would it not have been better to have both Scott and Hope in a suit trying to stop Yellow Jacket? Unless that post-credit scene meant to imply months had passed since the end of the movie (I don't think it does), then he all ready had a suit ready for her.

7. Why didn't the guards at the Kyln shoot at the same time?

Every time I watch GotG, I sit back and wonder why the guards took turns shooting at the heroes? Logic dictates that the guards know the facility better than Rocket, but instead of being smart as a raccoon, they were a buncha a-holes. Okay, you can argue that the guards didn't know what Rocket was doing and they were being strategic during the matter. I find that hard to believe in an intergalactic prison, they couldn't troubleshoot a couple more possible scenarios?

Minor 'WTF' Moment - How does Quill not know who Ronan and Gamora are? Do they not have the intergalcnet?

8. Bruce Banner turned down Black Widow's advances in Age of Ultron

This scene in The Avengers: Age of Ultron had more than one WTF moment, but how can any man turn down Black Widow. Yes, the situation wasn't optimal for making the sweet, sweet love, but I believe almost any man or woman would be down to funk after such horrendous events. Like I said before, this scene just had multiple moments that made me uneasy and I don't think I'm in a place to further comment on what went down.

Minor 'WTF' Moments - All right, how did Captain America, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch make it back to New York so fast after the events of Seoul? Did they have a spare Quinjet that I don't know about? Please someone tell me!

If Tony freed Jarvis from the Nexxus, why didn't Ultron just go nuclear? Jarvis was protecting the nukes from an irate Ultron at this current time in the movie, when he just lost his beautiful body. I don't know if this is a plot hole, or if I just missed something.

Conclusion of 'WTF' Moments

I am sure I left off some of your favorite and please feel free to write them in the comments, or your write your own article about what you find 'WTF' in Marvel's MCU. I am curious to see with the upcoming 'Batman v Superman', the response of an uber-serious film compared to Marvel's approach. Also, with all the news about 'Captain America: Civil War' it looks like we're going to have two amazing movies about very serious topics. This is a great time to be a fangirl/boy living in today's age amongst all these amazing movies!

Captain America hit theaters on May 6th and Dr. Strange premieres on November 4th in the United States!

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