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When the trailer for the Blue Mountain State movie was dropped literally three months ago, I was pretty damn excited. My brother and I loved the series from the Spike TV network, although it was not the best television out there, it was entertaining nonetheless. Fairly raunchy with a side note of football, it's any guys fallback series in my opinion.

Oreo Run Sloots!
Oreo Run Sloots!

In all the series' ridiculous hilarity, I never thought a movie would end the story of Moran, Thad and the rest of the oddball characters. The end of the show did leave much to be desired but was a film the right way to cast it all off? Especially being that football was not involved at all..

Thad in Thadland
Thad in Thadland

The premise of the film was that the Goat House (the football player's hang spot), was to be auctioned off. In order to keep it in their own possession Moran and company would have to convince a now-graduated Thad to buy it. In order for this to happen, a major blowout would have to take place in Thad's honor. Although this was not the worst premise, it had nothing to do with the whole underlying plot of the series: FOOTBALL.

The kicker, Sammie and Donnie
The kicker, Sammie and Donnie

We did find out that the Kicker had been cooking some sort of inhalant out of literal crap from the Goat House, that Thad has not remembered his Mascot Sammie's name, and that the big curly-headed lineman is gay. I actually sort of enjoyed that banter, as it felt with the the times and was lighthearted and didn't feel forced.

All in all, I was pretty let down with this film. I do understand that it was made on a very low budget but thats not the problem-the story was. The actors were in character, but the story just felt forced. Like it was just there to have a conclusion instead of a story worthy of a great fan following.

Will you watch Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland?!

It left me feeling pretty "Thad".


Do you think this film was necessary?


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