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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is almost upon us and regardless whether it will fly or flop, Warner Brothers has already green lit three solo Batman movies. At this point the question is which comicbook storylines will be adapted in these three movies. Some want to see the Under the Red Hood or the Court of Owls storyline and others would like to see an adaptation of the Endgame storyline.

Then let's dive right into the 4 Batman storylines we'd like to see:

5.Batman the Long Halloween

Don't be misdirected by the name, this is not just some Halloween story. The Long Halloween is one of the best Batman story written. It is considered the origin story of a good portion of Batman's rogue Gallery and is primarily a Detective story. The story traces its roots to the criminal element and mob of Gotham and ends with the rise of the Supervillains. The story starts with a string of murders of the Falcone crime family that happen during seasonal events by a mysterious villain called Holiday, starting with Halloween. It follows Batman trying to solve the mystery of the murders but at the same time being forced to fight his classical villains as they team-up against him. A version of this storyline was adapted in the Dark Knight movie, but it still was loosely based on the original comic book. All in all a detective Batman in a horror/noir storyline is the Batman we deserve and should get.

4.Batman and Robin Eternal

Before everyone lashes out on me about this, yes I know that the storyline isn't finished as of yet and yes I know that Batman is only a part of this storyline through flashbacks. Nevertheless would be the best way to expand the Batman Universe in case Ben Affleck will leave the DCEU after finishing these movies. This set ups a strong friendship between the Robins, it strengthens the ties between the Bat-Family and shows the true potential of the Batman legacy. I won't spoil anything from the storyline as it hasn't finished its run yet but this is the best storyline to establish new heroes from the Bat family.

3. Batman: Under the Red Hood

I'll be honest; I really wanted to avoid jumping on this Bandwagon. The possibly dead Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the rumours about the Jason Todd casting, were an indication enough to imply that this storyline is going to be adapted. Yet Jason Todd is one of my all-time favourite characters so I couldn't resist adding this. This storyline would be a great addition to the cinematic Batman. The depth the feeling of failing everyone, most importantly his family and his dark and violent nature can all be explained and mended by this storyline. Also the introduction of the Joker and his demented personality only set up this storyline further.

2. Court and Night of the Owls

Remember when I mentioned the need to set up the Bat family in the new DCEU? Well it doesn't get any more Bat family-centric than this storyline. In this storyline, a very old Gotham villain rises from the shadows, the Court of Owls. They deployed their assassins the Talons. The Talons are reanimated corpses of past assassins of the court that follow the orders of the Court to the word. One of these tasks was to eliminate both Batman and Bruce Wayne. In the end they managed to capture Batman and torture him for hours straight. After Batman escaped the Court decided to reclaim the city by killing all important Gotham figures that were not allied with the Court. To do this they deployed all of their reanimated talons which Batman couldn't stop alone. To stop them Alfred requested the help of all the members of the Bat family, even distant ones, and they worked to protect Gotham.

1. Robin Rises

This was my ace in the hole. While not really famous or critically acclaimed, this storyline is real, movie material. Ignoring the fact that it needs the introduction of Damian Wayne first, this movie gives exceptional room for growth for all characters involved. From the darker and moodier Batman, to the Red Hood that risked his life for Bruce and from the crying Alfred to Ace and the Batcow, everything was incredible. In this storyline, Damian Wayne, Bruce's son has died, and his corpse was taken by Darkseid. Bruce seeing a vision of a possible Damian resurrection travels to Apokolips to face off Darkseid. That's right you get a 1v1 fight between the Dark Knight and Darkseid himself. Oh and guess what? Batman actually WINS. Following Batman are Red Hood, Red Robin, Batgirl and Ace the Bat-hound who help Bruce both defeat Darkseid and save Damian. In the end Damian is resurrected, but the sheer and intense emotions from everyone, from Batman Batman to Ace was movie worthy.

Do you think that other storylines should have been included here? Let me know in the comments below.


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