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It is impossible to watch an episode of [Grey's Anatomy](tag:200746) without having some sort of emotional reaction. One minute you're laughing, the next you're sobbing like a baby. That is due to the show's amazing ability to draw you in and connect you with the characters in a way that I've honestly haven't experienced before in another show. So grab your tissues and check out my list of the 5 moments that will have you crying out for your person.

5. "Simple Girl" - With You I'm Born Again - Season 7

"With You I'm Born Again" is the season seven premiere that deals with the aftermath of the hospital shooting in the finale of season 6. Months have passed since the ordeal and the surgeons have all been dealing with the traumatic event in various ways. In order to return to the operating room, each surgeon has to be cleared by the hospital therapist.

Surprisingly, out of all the surgeons, Christina Yang seems to be the most affected by the events. Her personality has completely changed- she couldn't be less interested in surgery, but is instead obsessed with planning her wedding to Owen Hunt. While in session with the therapist Christina goes into a rant about how she "wants to be a simple girl, because nobody holds a gun to the head of a simple girl."

Up until that point in the show, Christina had been a pretty unstoppable force with her one track mind for surgery, but now she is a shell of her former self and showing just how vulnerable she really was underneath.

4."Do You Believe In Heaven" - Into You Like A Train - Season 2

The episode "Into You Like A Train" is widely considered the single best episode of Grey's Anatomy. It has the perfect balance of humor, drama, and emotional turmoil that makes the show so great. It's the kind of episode you show someone who is on the fence about the show, and if they don't respond to it then it's just not the show for them. So it's fitting that it was the first episode I was shown by a friend, and now look where I am.

The episode deals with a major train crash and the main case of two passengers impaled by a pole and unable to move. The two are supposed to parallel the relationship of main characters Derek and Meredith, but that's another story in itself. The two patients are told that whoever is moved from the pole will succumb to their injuries and will not be able to be saved. Since her injuries are seemingly more severe, the woman Bonnie agrees it should be her. In her final moments before being put under for surgery, the two have a conversation about heaven that breaks your heart.

3."You Died In My Arms" - Goodbye - Season 6

Months have passed since the death of George O' Malley and the surgeons are still going through the 6 stages of grief. During this time, Alex and Izzie are adjusting to married life and still dealing with her cancer.

The mix of all that and the ramifications of her signing a do not resuscitate order in the previous season finally boils over into this confrontation that finally allows the two to purge all the emotions they had been feeling the past couple months.

2. "Meant To Be" - Flight - Season 8

After having a season off from any major deaths, Grey's fans knew they wouldn't be so lucky when the eight season finale rolled around. Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Mark, Lexie and Arizona all are sent to assist with a surgery in Boise and in typical Grey's fashion, tragedy strikes. The plane carrying them all crashes in the woods leaving each of them with various levels of injuries. But the worst off is Lexie Grey, who is pinned under a piece of the plane.

Realizing that she could not be saved, Mark tells Lexie of the life they were meant to have together before she eventually passes away with a smile still on her face.

1. "An Hour Ago He Was Proposing" - Losing My Religion - Season 2

It's the relationship in Grey's that is arguably more legendary than that of the show's main characters, Meredith and Derek. During the second season, Izzie begins to fall for heart patient Denny Duquette and as much as you don't want to believe it, you just know things are gonna end badly.

In order for Denny to get the heart transplant he needs, Izzie makes a bold decision to cut the wires to Denny's LVAD (Heart Pump Machine) to make his symptoms bad enough to move him ahead on the transplant list. The scheme works and all is right with the world, or so it seems. While planning to celebrate at the hospital prom (long story), Izzie leaves the hospital to change and the unthinkable happens. Denny suffers a stroke from a thrown blood clot and dies alone in his hospital bed. When Izzie returns she finds Denny and we get to watch true heartbreak unfold on the screen.

Feeling down? Well if Grey's has taught us fans anything it's that when you're feeling down, grab your person and dance it out.

What Are Your Favorite Grey's Anatomy Moments?


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