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I am a fan of the horror genre, and with the season of Halloween having past I'd like to remind my fellow horror buffs that there are some great series out there to get over the midseason blues! Below are a few of my favorite crime/slasher shows from various networks. I have not included fan favorite horror series The Walking Dead, as it is not a 'slasher' show and is currently airing. Enjoy!

My first choice may be an obvious one, but an easy one at that. Showtime's Dexter was one of the most watched shows in recent decades, especially in the horror/slasher genre. Now it is not the usual killer series, as we routed for our favorite serial killer week by week. The ending being a bit ambiguous as to whether or not Dexter is still killing or not, it will always be controversial. I wrote another article speculating a possible reboot, but at the moment we can enjoy the past!

The Following is one of those shows that not many folks came to appreciated towards it's bloody end. I can see where it fell off. The show 'followed' former, now consulting, FBI Agent Ryan Hardy as he did the best he could to cope with serial killers, cult groups and every crazy in between.

His primary target; Joe Carroll, a college professor turned Edgar Allan Poe inspired killer. Through Season 1, the stakes grew higher and the show more enticing. However, Season 2 was pretty good, but the 3rd outing put the nail in the coffin. Although I did enjoy it, the stellar performances could not overshadow the grim and graphic killings performed by various onscreen villains.

Set in Northern Ireland, The Fall focuses on a Detective Constable and the serial killer who evades her capture. With it just being six episodes per season it is quite easy to follow. This series really delves into the psychology behind his reasoning to kill. While the viewer of course cannot necessarily empathize with his behavior, we find ourselves routing for the character. He does have a sense of humanity, being a father for example. The show is currently rated at a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, so if that doesn't convince you to check it out I'm not sure what would!

An AMC Original series which finished up on Netflix, this series first and second season are a roller coaster. The series ran for four seasons but the main storyline stands out from the final two seasons in big ways. The third season has a few redeeming qualities as well as the fourth, however the twist of the finale left much to be desired. Fans were calling for a conclusion worthy of the first two outings, after being cancelled on the original network. With the final season aside, if you're into slasher and crime drama series then its worth a shot in my opinion! The truth is right in front of you, and it makes for quality television!

I chose the MTV Scream series as one of my top fives, because it seems promising. Of course its not the movies (a Nev Campbell cameo would be cool) but it did have that killer vibe for the first outing. The twists and turns were expected, but the willingness to kill of several main characters was exciting. Especially the questions at hand; who done it? I am looking forward to the series return this year and hopefully it comes back with a bang. Some more masked killers? Sign me up! Although I did enjoy this first season and seeing some major characters getting killed off, I think they may have shot themselves in the foot for the returning season being that most of the main character are un-killable at this point. Do you think they'll all last the second season?


Which is your favorite Slasher show listed?


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