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I have to tell you all, I am not particularly fond of fan theories. They are typically cringeworthy, draw unnecessary animosity and usually wrong. Often times, as fans, we are impatient with the wait we must endure for the next comic book movie which effects our need-to-know mentality and we draw conclusions based on little to no information. I understand, anxiety gets the best of us all at times, but I do not believe that should cause us to draw the conclusion that Jason Todd is actually the Joker or [insert crazed fan theory here].

That said, being the eternal hypocrite that I am, I'm about to drop a fan theory.

Who is Scott Eastwood in Suicide Squad?! I don't know. I have heard theories that maybe he's...DEATHSTROKE! Nah, he doesn't have the Deathstroke vibe. Maybe he's...DICK GRAYSON?! Maybe, but I don't really buy that either. Yes, Dick has been undercover for some time now (great book, read it now), but while he does carry a pistol, he never uses it and an M4 isn't for decoration. Now, these theories are not the worst I have heard (read: Jason Todd is The Joker), but I just can't get on board with them. And it wasn't until I was reading the last few issues of Grayson that my own theory started percolating.

Who are you, you handsome devil?
Who are you, you handsome devil?

My theory started off innocently enough, as all fan theories do, with a "I would like to see him in a movie." And with that realization it continued to the predictable "Who could play him?" And while I had been privy to the theories about Mr. Eastwood, I didn't really draw the parallels to this character. Why? For no other reason than my brain has been known to work slowly at times. But then the Suicide Squad trailer dropped and suddenly the lightbulb went off in my head. The old school 75 watt lightbulb, not one of them newfangled fluorescent things that is more energy efficient.

So who is Scotty boy playing? He's devilishly handsome, scruffy, roguishly charming and, from the looks of things, proficiency in firearms and other military hardware. So who, I ask, who fits that bill amongst the ginormous stable of characters that DC Comics has? Who has worked for various covert government factions? Who, like the actor portraying him, is known but still kinda unknown? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you......Grifter.

From day one I hated these stupid guns...
From day one I hated these stupid guns...

Cole Cash, a.k.a. Grifter, was created by comics legend Jim Lee for the debut of Image Comics flagship title WildC.A.T.S. way back in 1992...God I'm old. Anyway, Grifter is described as a former member of Team 7, a group of military specialists from various government forces (thank you Wikipedia). After leaving the team, he was then brought into the service of one Jacob Marlowe to fight the super evil aliens known as Daemonites with his super 90s teammates, the WildC.A.T.S.

Why would an Image Comics character be in a DC Comics film? Because Jim Lee's studio, Wildstorm, was purchased by DC back in 1999. After several reboots of continuity and some crossovers, the Wildstorm Universe was fully integrated into the DC Universe during and following Flashpoint. So, it stands to reason that Jim Lee, the Co-Publisher of DC Comics, would want one of his original properties to make it to the big screen.

Goddamn you, Rob Liefield....
Goddamn you, Rob Liefield....

Grifter's personality is professional yet sarcastic and cocky, a team player yet wary of authority, a ladies man yet a misanthrope. Unfortunately, aside from a mediocre and ultimately cancelled series, Grifter hasn't found any footing with fans amongst the big guns of the DCU (Hopefully this changes within the pages of Grayson as I have always been a Cole Cash supporter) and that's what I mean when I say "known but still kinda unknown". And Scott Eastwood, barring a couple of roles here and there, has a big name that his career hasn't caught up to yet.

Aside from the obvious military background, Grifter would be the perfect edition to the already star studded cast and really it makes total sense for Scott to portray this character instead of a better known character. It would also be the perfect opportunity for one of Jim Lee's, arguably the biggest name in comics today, creations to show up in the DCCU. All the pieces fit! So keep your Jason/Joker theories and your "Deathstroke" or "Catman" or "just some dude", you heard it here FIRST: Scott Eastwood is Grifter. In your face, internet.


Who do you think Scott Eastwood is playing in Suicide Squad?


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