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The words "greatest Marvel villain" might not mean much in the context of an MCU which has given us the likes of Yellowjacket (who?), Ronan (...who?!) and Ultron (oh...), but Marvel's TV universe has been leagues ahead of its movies in the big bad stakes, establishing both Wilson Fisk and Kilgrave as the studio's most charismatic, most genuinely dangerous villainous forces on screen.

And while both villains' arcs came to an end after a season apiece, it seems Daredevil isn't quite done with Fisk...

Screenrant reports that the marvelously-named Vincent D'Onofrio, who brought the criminal mastermind sometimes known as Kingpin to life with a superb balance of vulnerability and ruthlessness in Season 1, had his own trailer during the filming of Season 2 — suggesting Fisk will be back in some capacity when the series returns to Netflix this month.

Above you'll see another new poster Marvelreleased teasing the "ninja-infused" action of Season 2.

Given that we know Matt Murdock is going to have his hands full with the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and Elektra (Elodie Yung), it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where Fisk will fit into this third chapter of the Netflix/Hell's Kitchen saga.

If I had to guess, I'd say that he might have had a hand in the murder of Frank Castle's family, which could create a very interesting dynamic indeed if Matt found himself having to protect Fisk from Castle. Alternatively, perhaps our favorite lovable crime-lord will simply cameo in order to set up a storyline for Season 3.

Here's Elektra's deliciously badass Season 2 trailer, just in case you need a reminder — not that you're likely to forget this femme fatale in a hurry...

Daredevil Season 2 drops on Netflix less than two weeks from now, on Friday, March 18 — so cancel that Tinder date, tell your buddies to go out without you, and prepare to spend 13 awesome hours with your favorite blind vigilante and the bad, bad denizens of Hell's Kitchen.

Who's your favorite Marvel villain?


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