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Swinging on vines, scaling up castles, digging up old, ripped treasure maps, and seeking history's lost artifacts. With the absence of exceptional movies of this genre, the video game industry had to compensate with what Hollywood is lacking: action/adventure. While there have been more than just a handful over the years, the one that stands out above them all is the Uncharted series by Naughty Dog. Filled with lovable characters, brilliant settings, intense fights, and puzzle solving, how could this not be a great possibility of a film adaptation? Let it be noted, it currently is in the works over at Sony, but they're still leaps and bounds away from starting production. Furthermore, with Uncharted 4 scheduled for a May 10th release date, there's no better time to put mindset on the series. With that being said, let's take a look at formidable casting options for a movie.

James Roday as Nathan Drake

The resemblance isn't striking, but it's certainly at least there. Once you dig into the personality however, the match is nearly perfect. Go out and watch a season or eight of Pysch. Roday's snarky performance as Shawn Spencer definitely correlates to the kind of persona displayed by Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series. While he never dangled over the edge of the cliff hanging on only by a railing on a train cart on the Himalayas, there was minor yet frequent stunt work in Psych that builds up a sustainable resume. Back to those quips I was talking about:

Does that help at all?

Tom Selleck as Sully

It might just be the 'stache talking, but Tom Selleck certainly would make a great Sully. While you may know him as Richard from Friends or Frank on Blue Bloods, it matters not for comparing those two parts just show off his range as an actor. Not to mention, this guy was freakin' Magnum, P.I. If he could be the best private investigator in all of '80s television, there's no doubt he could pull off the persona of a dry-humored expedite.

Kristen Bell as Elena Fisher

Remember Sarah Marshall? Voice of Anna in Frozen? Of course you do. What about Veronica Mars? In that particular series, Kristen Bell even played a reporter; essentially the same job as Elena Fisher. Performance potential wise, Bell has at this point established herself as a successful actress whose career only seems to be getting more significant as the years go on. Judging from the past, we've seen all sorts of ranges in personality displayed by the characters Bell has portrayed. Let it be noted that a few of them have had her character bare a sarcastic persona, which like Nathan Drake, Elena carries as well. There's not much more convincing I can do here other than tell you to compare the photos above again.

...Close enough, right?

Felicity Jones as Chloe

It takes more than a British accent and dark hair to pull of a good Chloe. An Oscar nomination; that helps. Felicity Jones is an actress on the rise and is even starring in the Star Wars spin off premiering this December (Rogue One.) Maybe the space cadet performance could further support this casting, but as of now, this opinion is based on Jones's range as an actress and, well, anatomically speaking; pretty close.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Harry Flynn

Cumberbatch is just one of those guys that always has a role waiting for him. Well if he could saunter his way over to an Uncharted adaptation, that'd be great. More than just his track record and, once again, British accent, Cumberbatch has showed off his cunning as Sherlock and villainous persona as Smaug the dragon. If Cumberbatch can nail Doctor Strange, Harry Flynn wouldn't be difficult at all. With the exception with all the climbing and running through crossfire.

Helen Mirren as Marlowe

I think this one is pretty self explanatory. There's pretty much nothing Mirren can't pull off, so if she looks the part, meets all the requirement, there's simply no other reason she can't be Marlowe. I mean, the first time I played Uncharted 3, when Marlowe first appeared, I even thought: is that Helen Mirren? Once again, no British impersonation necessary; already built in.

Jason Statham as Lazarevic

The roles Jason Statham tends to pick up are ones of belligerent characters. Belligerent: a perfect word to describe the main adversary in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Lazarevic was a force not to reckon with and that is the type of performance that Statham can do in his sleep at this point. Lazarevic is often regarded to as the most formidable opponent of the series thus far, and Statham's track record of being violent in movies may be unparalleled by anyone currently in the business today. I mean, has he ever been in a non R-Rated movie?

Mark Harmon as Gabriel Roman

Finishing off the list is Drake's first nemesis of the series: Gabriel Roman. Best known for his role in NCIS, it might be in Mark Harmon's best interest to consider transitioning into the role of an adversary. Being part of an extensive action adventure movie such as an Uncharted certainly could be a very exciting thing and with Harmon's resemblance to Roman, he definitely could pull off the performance part of it too due to his experience.

In Conclusion...

Uncharted has the potential to be a successful film series and if some of the casting suggestions above are enacted, well, we could be in for an enjoyable cinematic experience.


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