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The trailer for the new 2016 Ghostbusters movie has dropped and it is one that has sparked serious debate. While it is being led by a new all-female cast of modern comedy legends, it also gave us a look at some familiar situations our previous team of Ghostbusters encountered back in the '80s.

First Brush With Destiny

When we are introduced to our new team of leading ladies in the trailer, they are tracking a class 4 apparition in what looks like someone's private library and the end result gets pretty messy.

The scene is a callback to the original film's opening where the 3 future Ghostbusters encounter their first ghost in the basement of the New York Public Library.

Trouble On The Tracks

Leslie Jones is playing an NYC subway worker in the film who is rumored to be the one that first comes into contact with the main threat in the film. It looks as though a very close encounter will prompt her to join the Ghostbusting team.

Before coming upon arguably the main threat (The River of Slime) in Ghostbusters 2, the team runs into a fast and furious ghost threat that Winston (Ernie Hudson) would never forget.

Hostile Takeover

We see multiple characters in the trailer being taken over by ghosts to do unimaginable things. Melissa McCarthy's character is blasted with a shot of green energy in the trailer and is taken over by an unidentified spirit, leading her to attack her team with unrelenting force and impressive flexibility.

We also see Chris Hemsworth in what seems like a trance getting ready to cause some trouble for the team.

This isn't the first time we've seen a character in a Ghostbusters film be taken over to do the bidding of evil. In one of the scariest scenes ever put on film, we see Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) being literally pulled into her possession.

The nods to the original films were a great thing to see in the trailer if only to capture that sense of nostalgia we all were expecting from it. But I'm hoping the movie isn't entirely a repeat of those films, and that new team gets a chance to expand the universe we already know and love.

Catch the New Ghostbusters Film In Theaters July 15th. And Check Out The New Trailer Below.

Did You Catch Any Other Nods To The Original Films In The Trailer?


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