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If you remember in July of 2015, Norman Reedus, while laying on top of his fellow cast mates murmured that Glenn would be the one to go.

It makes sense that he would say this, especially at that time. He either already knew from a script that he was going to be the one to be let go at the hands of Negan, or the event had already taken place. While the show has made multiple scenes that reflects the comic, it typically will change things subtly. It has in the past made several changes to different comic book character deaths, and it would only make sense that Norman Reedus was simply trying to detract attention from the fact he knew he was a goner.

Call me crazy - but I strongly believe it will be Daryl who will be the one to go at the season finale. I can imagine it now, Negan walking back and forth with Lucille in his hand and his eyes fixated on Glenn. Suddenly, he changes direction, looking at Daryl and walking forward to give him, the comic book treatment! Intense (I know!) but the show has not been one to be shy from killing off major characters that were loved by many!

I strongly believe that this season will go down as the most watched finale in Walking Dead history. You just wait and see, and then only then, will you take my writings a bit seriously!


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