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Until Dawn is a game that you play for hours and it never gets old, I mean I literally played this game until dawn came. Throughout my many playthroughs, I have grown to love a few of the characters more than others. So I thought, why not do a ranking? So, here is my list from the worst to the best of the playable Until Dawn characters...

8. Matt

Matt is a nice guy, don't get me wrong, but that is pretty much all there is when discussing Matt. He is just the nice guy of the story who ends up on a meat hook if you make certain decisions. He lets his snobby girlfriend boss him around to the point where saving her costs his life. When I played the game the first time, yes, I tried to save him and everyone else as a goal. But, in my future plays, I let him die on purpose. Is that wrong?

7. Josh

Oh Josh, our misunderstood character. He is one crazy guy and his character is the only character in the game that does not have a happy ending. He either gets his head crushed or becomes a wendigo, there is no in between. I hated him so much though. Josh was wrong in his actions to his friends and the way he speaks is just horribly cruel. Maybe he should have blamed himself for getting too drunk on the night his sisters went missing instead of at the people who played an innocent practical joke. Do not get me started on how the sisters ended up dying in the beginning. Yes, the prank was bad but it should have been way worse to result in two deaths, or one, if you know what I mean. I am just glad it is impossible to give him a happy ending. He does not deserve it.

6. Jessica

Do not judge me but I love Jessica. I really do. Her pretentious personality is annoying but it adds to her character and makes her interesting. But, unlike many horror film flirtatious personalities, she had insecurities underneath that were shown before being captured by the wendigo predators. She is the only character that can either have her death shown or not, if you choose to let her die that is. Jessica is probably the hardest character to save on the first play through. She was the first character I killed accidentally on the first time playing. But I try to save her every time I play from now on. Long live Jessica!

5. Emily

Every horror film needs a good bad girl, and that bad girl is Emily. She makes playing bad look so easy. Her outfit and her knowledge of what bags she has makes her this pretentious valley girl that you just happen to want to be friends with. Yes, I know I may be in the minority with this opinion because many gamers hated Emily and tried to kill her in every way possible. That is probably why Emily has the most death sequences in the game and arguably the most brutal death scenes. She is fairly easy to save, however, as long as you are nice to her. If you hate her, you will kill her. If you like her, it is easy to save her. On my first time playing, Emily was one of only two characters I managed to save, thankfully.

4. Mike

My opinion of Mike changed over the course of the game. I expected him to be the typical horror film douchebag. He started as a cocky guy who just wanted to get into his girlfriend's pants. Over the course of the game, he transformed into a hero who would do anything to save his friends, even if it meant losing a couple of fingers. It is fairly impossible to kill him until the last 10 minutes of the game. So, you will see a lot of Mike in the game whether you like it or not. Besides, he is a true hero who would go into an abandoned asylum alone just to get to the bottom of what is happening.

3. Ashley

Ashley is a whiny girl but I still adore her. She is funny. I mean, her quote below is enough to make anyone love her. She is always scared and she has that typical nice girl persona about her. Her relationship with Chris was my favorite in the game and they had some of the best scenes together. I was so emotionally distraught when I ended up killing her in my first time playing.

"Hashtag there's a freaking ghost after us."

2. Chris

The way Chris acts towards Ashley makes me want to be like him. He is adorable and quirky in a way that every guy can relate to him. When he is so shy around the girl he is crushing on, it sparks up so many relatable moments in my life. Chris is even nicer than Matt, even though he hits Josh with a baseball bat. Chris had to make so many choices in the game and most people play him in a way to save the girl even over himself because he is made out to be that nice. I hope we get more horror characters like Chris.

1. Sam

Sam is easily my favorite character to play as in the game. She has the best chase scene in any video game and she is the only female in the game with the bravery to be the typical final girl. She does not pursue love like the other females in the game and that makes her unstoppable. Even when only wearing a towel, she is not afraid to fight a blood-thirsty killer with any weapons she can get her hands on. Of course she is the character that is the easiest to save. Who would want to kill her? It helps as well that Hayden Panettiere plays her, and she is one of my favorite actresses.


What do you think? Who is your favorite playable character in 'Until Dawn'?


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