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Conor McGregor may have been thoroughly outclassed at the weekend, but his UFC 196 defeat was merely the warm-up act for the fight you've been waiting on for months, Batman vs Superman — and the latest TV spots from DC hone in on the clash of heroes, with a little encouragement from Lex Luthor.

The LexCorp billionaire watches from the sidelines like a cheerleader minus her pompoms as Bruce Wayne's Caped Crusader and Clark Kent's Man of Steel face off in the movie that looks about five hundred billion times more fun than Civil War. Check out the two new TV spots below.

The first teaser, from the tail end of last week, expands on the banter-heavy interplay between Bruce and Alfred, further blurring the lines on what exactly this incarnation of Alfred (Jeremy Irons) actually does. He's certainly no butler.

Note the excellent douchebag side-eye Bruce gives a sassy Alfred. Why is Affleck so inherently great at playing a douche? I wouldn't like to speculate.

We also catch a brief glimpse of the romance between Lois (Amy Adams) and Superman, which so far has flown way under the radar. What toll will the Bat's war on Superman take on Clark's relationship with Ms. Lane?

Speaking of Lois, did you catch that tantalizingly brief glimpse of her struggling underwater, at around the 10 second mark? Presumably whatever's going on with Doomsday lands Lois in some serious trouble.

Could this be where Aquaman enters the equation, will it be Superman to the rescue — or will Zack Snyder have the balls to kill Lois off?

This spot also includes a lot of fire, and if you've seen Watchmen, you'll probably recall that Snyder has an excellent eye for a ball of flame...

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is now less than three weeks away, hitting theaters on March 25th, by which time Lex Luthor might finally have got his hands on a couple of rogue pompoms.

Are you looking forward to 'BvS'?


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