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Yesterday's episode of power rangers dino supercharge has been incredible again! Now that James is found, all 9 rangers down and 1 more ranger to go (and that means the silver energem needs to be found before snide-&-heckyl: both of them find it).

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge Logo.
Power Rangers Dino Supercharge Logo.

Okay, so for what I like about this episode is that I love how James and Tyler

had finally catch up to spend father/son time together after 10-years of not seeing each other.

Father and son clip art picture.
Father and son clip art picture.

And once again, Prince Phillip had return to the action!

Prince Phillip.
Prince Phillip.

But not only that, Prince Phillip, James and Ms. Morgan did an all 3 quick morphing sequence.

And this one is my new favorite morphing sequence!

Next, my favorite scene when Mr. Navarro did a tour around the base

and meet the rest of the rangers.

What an incredible episode that this is!

Now that there's only 9-rangers, Mr. Navarro is going to do is search for the silver energem, and we will see what happens next.


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