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With Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice arriving in less than a month, the question of who would win a fight, Bats or Supes, looms over all of us. Now the World's Finest have met in battle many times, but what about Batman and other famous figures in comics and pop-culture? In honor of the incoming battle between two titans in the comics industry, let's take a look at these epic fan-made/official battles between Batman and various other iconic scifi/superhero figures!

Batman vs....Batmen???

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

On April 20, 2014, DC dropped a Batman short in honor of the 75th anniversary of Batman, and fans all over the world rejoiced at the return of Terry McGinnis, the Batman Beyond, and old Bruce Wayne, from the DC Animated Universe. This short starts off with a haze of confusion, Terry coming back to the cave to find it in shambles and Bruce on the floor. All of a sudden, what seems to be a younger Batman from Batman: The Animated Series starts attacking Terry. But Bruce and Terry are able to defeat it with the help of the Batmobile.

The duo then proceed to find seven other Batman-robots in the cave, each one paying homage to different designs from Batman's history, such as Adam West campy and cartoony Batman, Tim Burton's Dark and Gothic Batman, and Frank Miller's hulking, larger than life Batman. The short plays out with the theme of Batman Beyond, and Bruce smirking as he claims that the odds are pretty bad...for them.

Batman vs. Wolverine

Courtesy of BatInTheSun

Oh man, this one's pretty brutal. Batman finds Wolverine in his X-Force suit, delivering the final blow to an unknown hoodlum. They meet in a long corridor, and start duking it out. Batman puts up a brave fight, and uses his ingenuity to fry Wolverine with a power generator, but unfortunately, Wolverine's healing factor proves too great for the Caped Crusader.

For those who were upset with the results of this battle, here's an alternate cut that BatInTheSun made.

Batman vs. Darth Vader:

Courtesy of BatInTheSun

In order to save a captured Superman from the Deathstar, Batman travels into space to save his teammate and friend. However, the one who stands between him and saving Kal-El is none other than Darth Vader. Despite putting up a valiant effort to destroy the Sith Lord, Darth Vader finishes off Batman with a force-choke.

Here's an alternate cut where Batman wins with the help of Superman:

Also courtesy of BatInTheSun

Batman vs....Sherlock Holmes?

In 19th century England, Batman and Sherlock Holmes battle with intense bars and sick burns. This one can't really be described, so experience the epic rap battle yourself.

Courtesy of EpicRapBattles

And there it is! My list of favorite Batman YouTube Battles! Tell me what you think about them below, and who you'd put in a battle against the Dark Knight!


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