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The internet loves nothing more than bringing together things which would otherwise never work in the same sentence. It also really loves Star Wars (but not the prequels), so naturally, over time, both worlds have collided and we gracious fans are treated to a whole bunch of mashup videos that make us simultaneously cheer and scratch our heads.


Fancy seeing Star Wars: A New Hope in a new light? The folks at Mashable Watercooler have given us just that, with a trailer for the original film recut as a Grindhouse flick. Complete with clunky graphics, a cheesy voiceover, and liberal use of the original sagas favourite sound effect, the 'Wilhelm scream', this new look at Star Wars could have been a treat for fans of schlocky, bloody, low-budget ‘70s exploitation films.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Combining two Goliaths of film in 2015, YouTuber Krishna Shenoi has brought together Mad Max: Fury Road with various clips from the Star Wars series to create Road Wars: The Imperator Strikes Back. Superimposing parts mainly from the Original Trilogy, Shenoi seamlessly weaves both franchises together to create a fantasy film that would leave fanboys breathing heavily and clutching their chests.


Take a second to imagine what the absolute worst case scenario could have been when Disney acquired the rights to Lucas Films. If you imagined an odd mashup where almost every Disney character you had ever watched growing up appeared in The Force Awakens, then you will enjoy PistolShrimp's Disneyfied take on the latest film. Featuring everybody from Aladdin to Olaf and Hercules to Belle, the trailer is an insane mix of old and new Disney characters battling it out, and alongside, characters of the film. But prepare yourself, not all of your favourites make it to the end.

Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know'

Remember when Gotye struck gold with 'Somebody That I Used To Know' and you immediately got sick of everybody jumping onto the cover version bandwagon? Teddie Films 2012 parody, 'The Star Wars That I Used To Know', is a welcome change from all of the acoustic covers that once flooded your news feed, making an almost shot-for-shot cover aimed at George Lucas and how fans believed he ruined the franchise. Check it out for Anakin's impressive transformation into Darth Vader and "George Lucas" taking over Kimbra's role.


One for the gaming fans, James Farr's Nintendo/Star Wars crossover is entirely animated and is a visual treat for lovers of both Star Wars and Smash Bros. Featuring Mario as Han Solo, Link as Luke, and Princess Peach as Princess Leia, Super Smash Wars: A Link To The Hope is the first in Farr's crossover series, which also includes The Empire Smashes Back and Return Of The Hero, with Farr also confirming that a mashup of The Force Awakens is on its way.


Which Star Wars mashup is your favourite?


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