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AHA!!! Gotcha! This article is not actually about the Batman. As far as I know, the Caped Crusader will not be directing any films any time soon because well, frankly he's not real. You do realize this, right? He is a fictional character. Like Garfield. The cat. They are equally fictional. Forgive me if you already know this, but I feel like I have to explain these things sometimes. As I was writing this someone had looked over my shoulder and saw the picture and title and was like, "Nooooo waaayyyy duuuudee!! Batman is makin a movie, man? That's so sick! I'm gonna go ride my longboard, let me read that when you're done broseph." And I was appalled. He really said that. Grant you, he may have meant something else, but he said what he said and I interpreted it as complete and utter stupidity because I get to do that as a free American. So naturally, I responded, "WTF??? Who are you?? How the hell did you get in my house? I live alone and have a double lock??" Needless to say I recently went through a non-violent home intrusion.

Moving on, as I said before we will not be discussing any Batman today even though I'd very much like to, but I'll save that for another conversation as I've noticed that many of my...... wait a minute.... I'm still talking about Batman. In fact I'm talking about talking about Batman. You know what, let's just jump into this, dammit.

Jeff Nichols

My name's Jeff.
My name's Jeff.

I know what you're thinking. This guy looks like your cousin who's barely older than you who just got back from a mission trip from Guatemala and wants to tell you everything about it, including, but not limited to the story behind the bracelet he vows to never take off that he got from a little girl he'll never see again and forget about in a week. Well you are wrong in thinking that! Who is he? Jeff Nichols is a film director who is most famous for directing Take Shelter (2011), and Mud (2012). This year, Nichols will be directing 2 new films, one called Midnight Special which will be released later this month, and Loving, which will be released later in the year. Midnight Special is the one I'm most excited about because of the premise. IMDB has a short synopsis that says the following:

A father and son go on the run after the dad learns his child possesses special powers.

Tell me that's not intriguing. It reminds me of a cross between Man of Steel and Looper minus the time travel and alien stuff, as neither of those things have been explicitly confirmed as part of the plot. I am very excited to see what Nichols brings us with this as he can always be counted on to give the audience a unique film experience. This is a film that could possibly put him on the mainstream map considering the subject matter, and I want you to be able to say to your friends that you saw this coming (even though you definitely didn't because I'm telling you right now). Remember this man's name, and go see this movie when it comes out. I know I will.

Jeremy Saulnier

Wth is the guy in the black shirt doing?
Wth is the guy in the black shirt doing?

Jeremy Saulnier has quickly become one of my favorite directors working today, and he only has one movie under his belt! This guy is incredible. The film you may know him from is called Blue Ruin (now streaming on Netflix btw), which is one of the best revenge flicks I've ever seen. Saulnier is able to capture suspense and realism in a way that few are able to. He makes the characters with real emotion and real motivation. His upcoming picture is called Green Room (something tells me he has a thing for putting colors in his titles, but maybe that's just me). He also films violence in an extremely brutal and disturbing way that isn't gratuitous, but rather captures the horror of the result of violence. IMDB describes Saulnier's Green Room as such:

After witnessing a murder, a punk rock band is forced into a vicious fight for survival against a group of maniacal skinheads.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Sir Patrick Stewart will be playing a villain in the film, so the film is worth seeing if even just for that. Green Room is set to be released in the end of April, so both these films I'm mentioning will be coming out soon so you won't even have to wait very long for them!

I'm telling you people, these two directors are the future of film, and are making movies that tell different and unique stories and are able to bring out incredible performances in everyone involved. Come the end of Spring, do not be surprised when you begin to hear buzz about future big projects from Jeff Nichols and Jeremy Saulnier. They are loaded with talent and filmmakers like them need to be the ones leading the way in the movie industry to keep our films fresh and still at a high level of craft. Support great filmmakers, and go see these films when they come out! Or don't. You're probably an adult who makes decisions. Hopefully you'll make the right one. Like, stop reading this... Don't you have kids to feed or a dog to walk? You really shouldn't be reading this on the clock. Your job can not be this boring. Anyways, if you care about the film industry and the people making the movies we spend our money on, these are two guys to keep an eye on. Peace!


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