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10 Cloverfield Lane producer J.J. Abrams and director Dan Trachtenberg discuss the possibility of a sequel.

(WARNING: This article contains 10 Cloverfield Lane spoilers.)

10 Cloverfield Lane is still a couple days away from its wide release, so naturally there's already talk of a sequel. The question is, what kind should it be?

When Entertainment Weekly asked producer J.J. Abrams if Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane might ultimately become the beginning of a "modern-day Twilight Zone," he was a bit cagey but revealed that the idea of another Cloverfield film has definitely crossed his mind:

"I would be lying if I didn’t say there was something else that, if we’re lucky enough to do it, could be really cool that connects some stories."

"Connects some stories" certainly makes it hard not to think the Twilight Zone route might be the direction Abrams wants to take the franchise — especially since by the end of 10 Cloverfield Lane it's clear that it and Cloverfield don't take place within the same timeline.

Bad Robot/Paramount Pictures
Bad Robot/Paramount Pictures

At a press conference in New York City on Sunday, 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg echoed Abrams' sentiment, telling reporters a follow-up could absolutely work.

"I think the cool thing about this movie in and of itself is that it feels like there could be a sequel, and it would be awesome to make a direct sequel to just this movie."

After watching Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) essentially do nothing but fight for her life for an hour-and-a-half, it is tempting to find out what she finds in Houston (assuming she makes it there at all).

On the other hand, as Trachtenberg points out, it would be "badass" if this movie's story simply stood on its own.

"[Mary Elizabeth Winstead's] character [Michelle] goes through the journey she goes through, and if that were it, that's kind of cool to leave to your imagination, what she could tackle next."

That, combined with the fact that sequels are sort of par for the course these days when it comes to financially successful movies, makes us think we haven't seen the last of the Clover-verse — even if we have seen the last of Michelle.

Catch 10 Cloverfield Lane in theaters March 11!


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