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The world of cinema has filled our lives with glamorous ideas and splendid thoughts, since the 1900s. Many of these big-screen features were originally from paper. From Harry Potter to Hunger Games films have taken the liberty to produce words into pictures, and now I'll show you some films you didn't know were books.

1.) Die Hard

The movie that turned Bruce Willis to the ultimate action hero was originally a suspenseful page turner. Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp was the concept idea for this globally known film.

2.) Mrs.Doubtfire

Whether you knew it or not, the Robin Williams comedy Mrs.Doubtfire was actually a 1987 British novel. The film stayed true to the plot of Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine, following a divorcee wishing to spend more times with his kids.

3.) Mean Girls

Yes, the teen anthem of the 2000s was originally a book! Of course, the film isn't exactly like the book. The self-help book, Queen Bees & Wannabes by Rosalind Wisema was meant to help teen girls and show them how cliques are formed, how to deal with girl aggression and other various high school discrepancies.

4.) The Parent Trap

The Disney classic, The Parent Trap, was actually a German children's book, who knew?! Lottie and Lisa was the title that helped Lindsay Lohan rise to fame.

5.) Clueless

Alicia Silverstone, Britney Murphy, Donald Faison, and Paul Rudd were the rising stars of Amy Heckerling’s Clueless and they owe all their success to Jane Austen’s Emma. Clueless was a modern day restoration of the film that became a comedy classic.


*Bonus* Which of these films was also based on a novel?


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