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i wanted my blog title to be The-spectular-superior-amazing-astonishing-giantsize-heroic-incredible-batblog.. but i guess thats to many char

in this post i will be quickly running thru all the characters to don the robin mantle.

First we have Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson was the first Robin. He was part of a circus troop called "The Flying Graysons" During a circus show his entire family was murdered. And Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Felt sorry for the boy and adopted him and trained him to become his sidekick, robin. After sometime as Robin,Dick began leading the Teen Titans, this left him with less and less time in Gotham. Batman was forced to tell Dick he couldnt be Robin anymore. They had a kind of falling out and Dick left Gotham and batman to become...

Nightwing. Dick Became his own superhero called Nightwing, He began to protect the city of Bludhaven, and still returned to Gotham on occasion,(sometime to team up with Batman, other times to follow up a case) Although trying to distance himself from Batman and the mantle of Robin, he felt constanly dragged back in....

after having his identity revealed to the world. Dick was met with serious problems and so was Batman. Lex luthor even figured out Batmans identity to be Bruce wayne, After this Batman was forced to fake Dicks Death in order to protect Dick and the rest of the Bat-Family After this Dick became Agent 37 ( a super spy)

He became some what of a James Bond ish character.

On Several Occasions/emergencies/crisis Dick grayson has donned the mantle of...

The Batman.

The Second Robin (Jason todd) was Basically a copy of Dick Grayson at first. However his story took a shocking turning point when he became very violent in his late teens. Batman became worried as Jason was increasingly angry and careless. During a death in a family, the Joker captured and beat jason todd to death with a crowbar then blew him up.. Rhas al gule used his pit of Lazarus to revive jason. however he was severly mentally damaged. Years later he returned as...

The Redhood. A gun toting, violent,murderous,ruleless, lawbreaking, vigilante. Hes very similar to the character the Punisher in that he kills for what he considers justice. After Batman discovered Redhoods idenity he was forced to go toe to toe with his former side kick. Batman pretty much got his ass kicked and Jason gave him an ultimatum, Kill Jason or Kill the Joker. However Batman (being Batman after all) Outsmarted Jason and saved the joker without killing either. However Jason would return from time to time to haunt him as..

A gun toting mother fucking badass Batman inpersonater.

The Third Robin Tim Drake has kind of a weird origin story. Basically he saw the flying Graysons get killed, years later deduced Batmans identity, tried to join him, but Batman refused, then with the help of Alfred used the robin suit to save Batman. This made Batman agree to allow him to be Robin. (reluctantly after jason todd) the biggest differences between Tim and Dick are that, Tim isnt an orphan, hes not an acrobat, but what he is is a master detective. This i belive sets him apart from all the other Robins.


In becoming Robin, Tim drake was told to not face the joker. however one night on patrol he was tricked and captured by the joker and Harley Quinn. Who brainwashed and tortured him into revealing Batman to be bruce wayne and turning him into a "little joker" Batman saves him and Tim drake kills the joker. This basically causes and end to Batman and Robin as they both retire.


in the main contuinty Tim Drake becomes his own superhero called the Red Robin, Red robin sometimes acts alone, or with batman, and sometimes leads the teen titans or young justice.

The next person to don the mantle was Damian Wayne. Batmans own son, Damian is the son of Batman and LAdy shiva (another master martial artist0 He was trained by the leauge of shadows and became a brutal teenage killing machine. However out of respect for his father and his rules once becoming Robin stopped his killer insticts and follwed Batmans one rule.

Damian wayne is one of if not the most skilled Robin. He even defeated Death stroke. A super soldier assasin, who has gone toe to toe and beat Dick grayson and batman before.

Damian wayne is also the Batman of the future, following in his fathers footsteps.

In the Dark Knight Returns. Stephanie brown is inspired by the return of Batman and decides to proclaim herself the new Robin. She proves herself by helping Batman in a fight against the Mutant leader. She even saves his life. This earns her Batmans trust and he agrees to train her. She even helps him in a fight against superman.

She has also Donned the mantle of Batwoman/Batgirl


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