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Andrew Cohen

Fuller House as the critics have been saying, is for the fans of Full House; I disagree. The reason I know this is because I have never seen Full House, and I fell instantly in love with Fuller House. Fuller House is great because it has comedy that has not been seen in over 20 years. The reason why Full House was successful is because the type of comedy was used into its intended demographic (i.e children). Now, Fuller House has moved the demographic to teenagers, mainly because now that the cast is older, they can use more mature comedy. What really differentiates Fuller House from the original is the demographic has taken it. Fuller House coming to a new generation of teens who will get to experience what it will be like first hand to be moved by a TV show. The demographic has gone from kids and teens from the 90s to the teens of today. Some teens today have not seen Fuller House, and they have still enjoyed it. Fuller House is out now on Netflix. Heres a clip on what is to come.


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