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Recently I read an article online that provided information about Batman V Superman director, Zack Snyder, stating that he wants to direct a 300-esque George Washington film. After reading the article, I realized there are many actors who resemble past U.S. presidents, and could even portray them in film. Such as.....

Michael Douglas as George Washington

Michael Douglas really does resemble the first president of the United States. Take a close look at the jaw line, cheek bones and small lips. I could really see Michael Douglas being George Washington in Zack Snyder's film, if it ever gets made. Just let Michael get a new hair style, or wear a toupee! He'll definitely look the part.

Tommy Lee Jones as Andrew Johnson

I think Tommy Lee Jones is the actor who, of the people on this list, looks closest to one of the American Presidents. In this case, he looks remarkably similar to Andrew Johnson. I think the forehead wrinkles, eye shape, nose formulation and eyebrows are spot on the same. Jones portrayed Thaddeus Stevens in the 2012 film, Lincoln, which got him nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He surely has plenty of experience playing a politician.

Bill Murray as Lyndon B. Johnson

If a movie about Lyndon B. Johnson were to be made, I think one of the first choices to consider to portray him would be Bill Murray. The droopy cheeks, ear shape, lips, and hair style are equally matchable. Don't you agree?

Harrison Ford as Theodore Roosevelt

Though this picture of Harrison Ford is from the '90s, I still think that at the time he looked very much like former President Theodore Roosevelt. The mustache and eye shape is really similar between these two. Just give Harrison some glasses and he will look just like Theodore!

Mel Gibson as James Polk

Mad Max, AKA Mel Gibson, looks remarkable similar to President James Polk. The cheek lining around the nose and mouth area is clearly visible, and the shape of the jaw and face are very much alike. Even the eyebrows are of equal size and length. Just give Mel a wig, or let him grow a mullet, and he'll look just like Polk.

Christian Bale as Rutherford B. Hayes

Look at the hairstyle, look at eyes, and look at that beard! You can't deny the fact that Christian Bale looks just like Rutherford B. Hayes, ex president and former Union general.


Which actor looks most like a former U.S. president?


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