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With the hype for anticipated games like Tom Clancy's The Division and Dark Souls III, I have compiled my top 5 games to look out for:

1. Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda

The next installment in the Mass Effect Series won't be continuing the story of our lovable Commander Shepard. Instead, Andromeda takes a sort of spin-off approach. Taking place after the events of ME3 with a new face, will characters like Miranda and, my personal favorite, Tali be making a return to the fray? Little is known, but we do know the release is expected in 2017.

2. Quantum Break

This new-age game will be the talk of the town once its release date rolls around this April. Quantum Break combines the aspects of a third-person shooter you love, and the cool effects of manipulating time that will aim to keep you on your feet. Check out some gameplay and decide for yourself if it's worth the wait.

3. Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The 2008 game that made parkour the "it" thing to do is back. The seminal Mirror's Edge is getting a prequel, that this time follows the origin of Faith and her attempt to bring down an evil, major corporation.

4. We Happy Few

We Happy Few is probably the creepiest title I've ever been excited for. Set in England in 1964, you must survive in a town corrupted by a drug that meddles with emotions. Survival is the number one goal, whether it's by breaking in to steal bread, or taking down anyone in your way for fresh water, We Happy Few is a game to watch out for.

5. Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO is the latest amazing game that will be sure to "wow" your cellphone. The game will be free both on the iOS app and Google Play stores, and will put Pokemon in the real world, meaning you'll be able to trade, battle and capture Pokemon, like any other Pokemon game, but in your own home town!


What game are you waiting for?


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