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Luis Enrique Victoria

Just a few days ago, the latest TV spot was released for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). If you haven't seen it by now, here it is for your enjoyment. Take a look!

The almost 30 second long TV spot begins with Batman taunting Superman by saying "Well, here I am". It takes guts to say that to a God-like alien! Then, a fight ensues.

The shots then change to Bruce Wayne running through a destroyed Metropolis, probably running towards his tower to find any survivors.

Then we see a hole bundle of nonstop action with Batman and Superman kicking each others asses and pummeling one another to the ground, but not before Lex Luthor gives his now well known phrase "I love bringing people together".

The looks of anger and curiosity that Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne give each other are almost insinuating that they will learn very early on about each other's secret identities. It's almost as if they are saying in their own heads, "I'm gonna have to fight this guy pretty soon". Well, they're not wrong.

I really liked the beginning, just look at the smirk on Batman's face as he says those four words to Superman, right in his face. He was basically saying "come at me, bro", but little do they know that one day they will have to team up together and with other superheroes to combat an even greater threat.

So many TV spots have been released, and many people are complaining that by the time the film is actually released, all the future TV spots by that time would've already spoiled the whole movie. However, I disagree with that notion. Almost every single TV spot is the same, with only a little extra footage added. It's a good thing almost the entire plot has been kept a mystery, so when we all go see Dawn Of Justice, we won't know what to expect. But, I'll tell you what I'm expecting: a damn good film! Catch Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in theaters nationwide on March 25th!


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