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Movies with trailers that spoil key moments aren't very new to moviegoers. Many moviegoers see it as ruining the excitement when they go see films in theaters. Audiences hate sitting in the theater knowing most of the film they are watching is in one of the trailers. Moviegoers sometimes lose interest in seeing the film as a whole.

Star Wars: Force Awakens was not one of those films because the trailers that were released didn't spoil the film at all. With J.J. Abrams directing the film, the marketing campaign was known for its emphasis on secrecy. The trailers and even TV spots didn't show much of film's plot and didn't show much of the characters either. The film's official synopsis was never put out by Lucasfilm, and fans never had a chance to see Luke Skywalker before the film's premiere.

As of now and maybe the future, Disney and Lucasfilm will release new Star Wars films annually, which means the studios have carefully constructed advertisement strategies every year. Fans are wondering if films like this year's Rouge One and Episode 8 will be hidden in secrecy like The Force Awakens. Daisy Ridley, on the other hand, discussed how there might be a chance Star War: Episode VIII will give more information than it's predecessor.

Ridley spoke with ET, where she was asked if Lucasfilm will attack Episode 8 marketing similar to The Force Awakens. Ridley only hinted that new director Rian Johnson will leave things surrounding Episode VIII more open:

“I think Rian actually wants to be a bit cheekier with the little tidbits of information that come out. You can see, even with the way Mark and Carrie posted pictures with their chairs, it’s a little bit freer.”

Ridley is talking about Star Wars Episode VIII being mentioned in social media. Recently Ridley's co-stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher showed chairs with a joking working title logo called Space Bear: Episode VIII on social media. It seems like both Disney and Lucasfilm are perfectly fine with both of their stars being on Twitter or Facebook posting about their new Star Wars film. The first big news for Episode VII is that Daisy Ridley talked about how Episode VIII starts immediately after The Force Awakens, as she shot the scene with her new director. A strong addition to the cast, Benicio del Toro talked about his secret role even before the studios announced that he would be in the new film, leading fans to speculate.

Star Wars:The Force Awakens is out on Blu-ray April 5th, 2016; Star Wars: Episode 8 hits theaters on December 15th, 2017


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