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Everyday we come closer to the premier of Batman v Superman and everyday anticipation builds exponentially. With the latest images being released focusing on Batman, we get a look at this new version of the Dark Knight. We have learned more about the Batsuit and Bruce Wayne's relationship with Alfred, leading fans to believe this will be the Batman most accurately related to the comic book version. With these new discoveries in mind, let's take a look at what new official Batman v Superman images reveal.

Alfred Pennyworth Is Not Merely a Butler

It appears as though Alfred Pennyworth never actually took on the role of butler for the Wayne family in this film. He was actually hired as a bodyguard and stayed on as Bruce's Chief of Security. Alfred's Special Air Service training has now been used to help train Bruce, as well as assist in intelligence and surveillance. Basically, we are going to be treated to Jeremy Irons assisting Batman in a more badass way than making him vichyssoise.

Batman’s Arsenal

There has been quite the amount of controversy over Ben Affleck's version of Batman, but even more controversy from die hard comic book fans over the director's choices to make Batman more violent. Rumor has spread that this new Batman is actually a killer- however, it has been made perfectly clear that all of the Dark Knight's arsenal is non-lethal. This Batman is still more violent than previous versions of this character, but he is not intentionally killing any of his enemies; for instance, the guns featured above are all non-lethal.

Bruce Wayne’s Origin Story

Everyone knows Batman's origin story: his parents were brutally shot to death by Joe Chill after watching a movie. Zack Snyder has chosen to revisit this story in Batman v Superman, but he is making some changes. We are going to see some shades of Gotham in this one because Thomas and Martha Wayne are still killed by a mugger, however, the identity of the mugger is going to remain a mystery. We will also see Snyder taking cues from Christopher Nolan in having Bruce fall down a well, leading him to discover a cave of bats.

Batman Uses Guns?

For the hardcore fans of the Batman comics, seeing Batman using guns has caused some controversy. In the comics, Batman is vehemently against the use of guns due to the nature in which his parents were killed. Instead, all of his guns shoot different non-lethal options, such as sleeping darts. This ensures that our Caped Crusader maintains his non-killer status.

Building The Armor

There have been quite the amount of rumors surrounding the new Batsuit, including one that marks Lex Luthor as it's creator. However, along with these released images comes the information about Bruce and Alfred making the suit. Some cool details about the suit include that it is bullet-proof and it's cape is fireproof. We are still waiting for confirmation about the suit being laced with kryptonite so he can stand a chance against Superman. The Batsuit is also being kept in a case that can only be unlocked by Bruce Wayne via handprint scanner.

There are so many tidbits coming out leading up to the release of this epic film, it seems impossible to catch them all. So tell me...

What reveals did I miss? Are you excited for the upcoming Batman v Superman? Let us know in the comments!

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