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With Deadpool being a smashing success, fans have been picking apart all the awesome Easter Eggs and subtle references within the movie. Some are obvious, and others are quite subtle. Take a look at these references and Easter Eggs and tell me which ones I missed!

1. 'Shoop' By Salt-N-Pepa and 'Deadpool' Have Something In Common

In many of the trailers (as well as in the movie), we were treated to Wade Wilson prepping for his exploits while jamming to 'Shoop' by Salt-N-Pepa. This was more than a clever music choice to match Deadpool's whacky personality. This is a nod to the year the Deadpool miniseries was released: 1993, the same year 'Shoop' was released.

2. McAvoy Or Stewart?

One of my favorite references out of the hundreds in Deadpool was after Wilson broke his bones trying to punch Colossus. Colossus tells Wilson he is taking him to see the Professor, which is promptly followed by Wade asking: "McAvoy or Stewart?" This is a cheeky and quite enjoyable nod to both actors, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, that play Professor Charles Xavier.

3. Marrow Is In The Weapon X Lab

Thanks to the R-rating Deadpool received, they were given a smaller budget, not allowing for as many X-Men cameos as one would have liked. However, we do get one teaser cameo from Marrow (a mutant whose bones grow out of her skin and can be removed from her body, providing her with potential knives and clubs as well as body armor) when Wilson is being wheeled into the Weapon X lab. We clearly see a woman with bones protruding from her body. However, we don't see her face, allowing for recasting later on.

4. All The Deadpool Figurines In Blind Al's Apartment

If anyone would be up for self-promotion, it's Wade Wilson. However, the set designers of Deadpool are apparently lacking in humility as well. In one scene alone, I counted three Deadpool figurines in Blind Al's apartment.

5. Those Four Or Five Moments

This is another breaking-the-fourth-wall jab, however it is a little more subtle. When Colossus talks about people only getting four or five moments to be a hero, it could be construed that he is referring to Ryan Reynolds's multiple attempts at making a good comic book movie. On Reynolds's list of comics-turned-movies are: Blade: Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Green Lantern, and R.I.P.D.

With the hundreds of Easter Eggs, references, and jokes tucked discreetly into Deadpool, this list could be a mile long. So now I am asking all my Deadpool fans...

What Is Your Favorite Easter Egg In 'Deadpool'?


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