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Allyson Deneau

The mind is something very important but i think that some people think of things that they wish could happen but know that its not going to happen it might but might not all at the same point.What i'm trying to tell you is that your mind can make up some crazy thing the you dream or think of someone you wish you can have but you may never meet in your life.Some times i think that someone very famous will come to my house and meet me or ask me to go on a TV show with them or something like that but i know that may not happen ever but i still think it will someday.Your Mind is something you need to think with remember so many things with to remember the people you meet or friend and family work and life you can't just lose all that.To lose all that to what,what will you lose to all that in you mind there is so many things to learn now.

Your mind is the one thing that make's you smart and the way you are now and for the rest of your life's.So people chose to do so many dumb things in life like steal,or kill people that only happens because they didn't chose the right way in life they chose the bad road to end there life at a young age or middle or old.Life to me is very important but some people don't see that kids do this to them self because people say things about them that makes them want to hurt themselves and those people don't see that it's really bad.

No one should be doing any of this to them selves it's so bad people hurt them selves to what people say to them and people go on living there life's when someone very young maybe just ended there's some where around the world but no one knows but one family who just lost there kid to something someone said to them that made them do this to them selves.You chose your own path but don't chose one that can kill you just take it in fight it or never think of it ever again that's what i would do if something bad happen to me but i know i would try to stop my self or anyone i now from trying to do this your mind is one thing but you life is something else in there for you to live up to know just chose the right path and not the one that end's your life FOREVER.


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