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Recently I found out about the upcoming April 1st release of The Heavy's latest album, titled 'Hurt & The Merciless'. I am super excited for this album since it's being made by my favorite band! So far, two singles off of the album have been released and posted on YouTube a few weeks go. After listening to both songs a million times, I can say that this will be a stellar new entry in their amazing line of discography for sure!

If you don't know who The Heavy are, they're an English rock band that made the famous song, "How You Like Me Now?", which plays in a lot of modern day movies, shows, and trailers.

They have also recorded three past albums since 2007 and have topped U.S. and U.K. charts. Even if you're a fan that's listened to their previous work, or a newcomer to their songs, I am sure you will be highly satisfied listening to the album, as will I. Here's what to expect in Hurt & The Merciless.

Pure, Raw, Gritty, Blues Rock

If you've listened to The Heavy before, especially their 2009 album, The House That Dirt Built, you know that they really emphasized true, gritty, and just wildly amazing rock. The album was a crisp, clean combination of some delta blues, with hard blues rock, which created a diverse range of songs that all sounded uniquely different. I have a feeling they will bring back that awesome blues vibe in their 2016 album. While listening to one of the tracks, "Since You Been Gone", I am reminded me of their previous work, and I'm very elated that they're sticking to their roots.

Some Love Songs, Obviously!

On every album that The Heavy has created, you are sure to find a couple of love songs such as 'Be Mine' from their 2012 album, The Glorious Dead', or 'Girl', from their first album, With Great Vengeance And Furious Fire. Hurt & The Merciless will definitely continue that tradition. These songs will all sound clean, yet edgy, but have a very deep message and are sure to be the songs that boyfriends and girlfriends listen to together.

Great Instrumental Work!

From the works of guitarist Dan Taylor, bassist Spencer Page, and drummer Chris Ellul, you are sure to be given nothing but amazing instrumental work at its finest! Have a listen at 'Can't Play Dead', from their third album The Glorious Dead, and you'll know how awesome they really sound playing together. Dan Taylor has always been good at playing simple yet unique sounding guitar riffs/licks, but he's never afraid to let out a good solo

Spencer Page plays the bass the way it's meant to be played, with attitude, confidence and with versatility. Though the bass is a very underrated instrument in bands, he sure makes it stand out and you can clearly hear it in every song. I absolutely love Chris Ellul's drum playing. It's simple, just like Dan's guitar work, but highly addictive to listen to and very effective! These guys make simple sound so good! Damn, do they know how to play!

Kelvin Swaby's Voice!

You can't deny the fact that Kelvin Swaby has a truly unique and amazing voice. He has that raspy, yet soulful voice that is very reminiscent of oldie-blues singers such as Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker. In this album, you will definitely hear a wide range of vocal work from Kelvin; he will not disappoint. I highly recommend everyone to listen to this album when it releases, or at least listen to the songs I've linked above if you haven't done so already. You will not be disappointed by Hurt & The Merciless. Please buy it on iTunes, search it up on YouTube when it comes out, or buy the album and play it out loud in your living room, because The Heavy is back, and better than ever!


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