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In 1956 a Classic Film came by the name of "The Ten Commandments." Now 60 Years later it's still a masterpiece (or is it?) This is my 60th Anniversary review of the Biblical Epic Film The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments is Directed by Cecil B. DeMille and stars Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as Ramses and is the film about the Book of Exodus or Moses leading the Jewish people out of Egypt and the Carvings of the Ten Commandments by God.

Now this Film is Amazing, but there are a few flaws with it, but let's start with the Positives. The First positive is Charlton Heston's performance as Moses, an Oscar-Worthy performance at best, he knocked it out of the park. Yul Brynner does a great performance as Ramses, but his acting does get wooden after the 2nd Act. The Set Pieces and the Cinematography are also excellent. And the Costume Design is brilliant. Now the Movie is very long, it includes an Intermission within the film and people who don't like long films might not like this. You can feel the rivalry between Moses and Ramses throughout the first two acts and it's phenomenal. Now a performance that not many Critics and Fans come to talk about, which is also Oscar-Worthy is Edward G Robinson as Dathan, who makes you believe that he is greedy, he is a creep and overall a phenomenal performance. The Plague scenes are excellently executed and the scenes like the Angel of Death arriving are amazing as well.

The Only Negatives I have with the Film is the Inaccuracy the film has at times especially with the 3rd Act and the Acting becomes Wooden from Yul Brynner and Anne Baxter who played Nefretiri in the film.

Overall The Ten Commandments is still a timeless classic and will continue to be throughout the ages, so my Final Score for The Ten Commandments is a 9/10!!! It would have had a 10/10, if the 3rd Act didn't mess up a few things. I would Highly Recommend this film, now people who are not Religious or believe in a Different Religion, might not like this film, but for Movie Lovers this is a must watch.

+ Great Acting

+ Great Adapted Writing

+ Great Set-pieces and Certain Scenes

+ Good Visual Effects for 1956

- The 3rd Act (Wooden Acting, Plot Holes and some Inaccuracies)


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