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We all know the pop artist Justin Bieber. Half of us hate him and half of us love him to death. There is no in between when it comes to this matter. However, this article of news has absolutely nothing to do with our controversial pop star, Justin Bieber.

What we are discussing here is the one and only Morgan Freeman. Now, if you don't like Morgan Freeman then well, you are not human. He is incredible. This amazing and talented actor had the smart idea to record a video.

This video has become viral just for the mere fact that it features Morgan Freeman quoting Justin Bieber.Here it is:

Honestly, I expected better from Morgan Freeman! I was prepared to laugh and think it was amazing. I felt very let down. For the first time I must say, Morgan Freeman did not do this song justice. Not completely sure if this deserved all the attention it received. Although those women at the end seemed to be amused...What do you guys think?


Did this reading fulfill all the expectations of a Morgan Freeman reading?


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