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Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning has announced his retirement! We have all been waiting for this. He has been playing for too long. Although the Broncos won Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning has not been playing well whatsoever.

Peyton is a very skilled player don't get me wrong, but every player has their ending and his is way overdue. He has been off his game recently. He throws more interceptions and keeps getting sacked. In a way we were all expecting this one to happen or at least hoping for it.

And is there even a better way to end off your career than winning Super Bowl 50? I think not. His career is something to be remembered. Lets briefly look at the top 3 moments of his NFL career.

Super Bowl 41

He was in his ninth season of the NFL and he passed a 53 yard touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne winning him his first championship. This event also won him MVP honors. We will never forget that thrilling moment.

2006 AFC Championship Game

As much as I am extremely reluctant to even talk about this sad moment for all Patriots fans including myself, it is one of his best...In the second quarter the Colts were down by 18 points looking like another easy win for the Patriots. However, they came back and beat the Patriots by 4 points thanks to Manning's 349 passing yards and his touchdown against the great Tom Brady.

Super Bowl 50

And lastly, but definitely not the least he won the Broncos Super Bowl 50 going out with a big impression on the world. He actually did not play very well in this game with a couple turnovers and a limited amount of passing yards, but he still managed to win his team this Super Bowl so how bad can the guy be.


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