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Watch the brutally bloody cinematic end to Leatherface, Alien, Bo' Rai Cho and Triborg. Watch as this inglorious bunch tear through the Mortal Kombat roster and go on to overall supremacy of the Outworld.

Mortal Kombat’s latest Kombat Pack introduced a medley of characters that were guaranteed to FUCK SHIT UP! This collection of sadistic, bloodthirsty monsters has ripped through the Outworld and redefined the future of the franchise.

Mortal Kombat's downloadable Kombat Packs granted participants the ability to play as some of pop culture’s biggest and maddest characters. Kombat Packs 1 and 2 included the introduction of such ferocious characters as the Predator, Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th), Tanya, Tremor, Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Xenomorph (Alien), Bo' Rai Cho (drunken fist master) and Triborg.

Mortal Kombat X's downloadable Kombat Packs have included some of the most infamous villains from pop culture, while Mortal Kombat X hosts some of the franchise's most ferocious fighters. This means that these scary movie legends were to be pitted against some of the most vicious fighters known to man, thus turning the tables completely; people from around the world were wondering, would the hunter become the hunted?

Well, clearly not. Today we are showcasing the cinematic end to Mortal Kombat’s latest bunch of infamous kombatants. These videos become available once the selected character defeats the full game. This following video contains spoilers.

Some pretty gruesome stuff — Leatherface, you sick bastard! Gotta love it, though!

Rumors are already stirring up fan reactions across the Internet as possible Kombat Pack 3 characters are debated. After the backlash of sorts following the introduction of Leatherface, Warner Bros. will have to make sure that it collaborates fully on Mortal Kombat's next DLC.

So, for fun, let's say that we will be deciding who NetherRealm will be including in its next Kombat Pack. You can pick any two characters you want to see included in the next 'Mortal Kombat DLC.' Who would you choose?


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