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Episode 12 of The Walking Dead was utterly explosive and we've still got four whole episodes of Season 6 left! Today, we've been gifted with some very intriguing promos for the upcoming chapter of the series, Episode 13 "The Same Boat."

You know the drill. First up we have the 35-second promo to dissect before taking a look at the 1 minute, 22 second sneak peek at one of the scenes. There's a ton of stuff in each of the videos, so firstly hit play on the promo below and let me know what you think in the comments:

In this snippet we're shown the moment that Carol and Maggie are taken hostage by what looks to be two lone women:

Meanwhile, we see Rick, Glenn and the gang trying to negotiate with the women over the walkie-talkie, using the motorcycle man as a hostage and asking, "Do we have a deal?"

Now it doesn't appear as if the hostage tactic has worked, because soon enough the pair are being marched off to an unknown destination:

We get a quick flash of this sign on the ground:

I think it says "kill floor and raw processing," indicating they're inside some sort of factory (a slaughterhouse?). Could it possibly be the factory belonging to Negan (in the comic series, Negan's base is a large, fortified factory)?

Lastly, we're left with a shot of Carol tied up and gagged, with her captor telling her:

"You're wondering if there's a way out of this. There isn't. Not unless I say so."

EEK! OK, so first thing's first — there is absolutely no chance that either of Maggie and Carol's captors are Negan. Negan has already been cast, and he will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But there's certainly a chance that this group could be working for Negan. However, after watching the sneak peek below, I admit that there's a very good chance that this group has nothing to do with Negan at all, and perhaps as the episode title indicates, they're just a group of survivors in "the same boat" as Rick and the gang.

This very Maggie and Carol-centric promo also makes me wonder if Episode 13 will be solely about the pair, much like Episode 6 of the season, which focused on Daryl, Sasha and Abraham.

Right, now onward to the longer sneak peek:

I have a feeling the scene that this tidbit was taken from might be one of the very first scenes we see when Episode 13 opens, due to the fact that it picks off exactly where Episode 12 left off.

In the scene we see the attacking group, which is now revealed to be made up of at least three women and one (injured) man, watching Rick and his crew through the forest as they hold the man on the motorbike (who is named Primo) hostage. Rick asks the group to talk, and the group considers taking out the whole crew, but the woman in charge of the operation deems them too many. The injured man reveals the group has taken out more than eight people at once in the past, indicating that they're experienced with killing. After the woman with the walkie tells Rick that they'll talk, she demands Carol and Maggie reveal their names and the promo finishes with the ominous: "Now we're going to work this out right now, and it's going to go our way."

Obviously, the sneak peek gives us quite the insight and clearly things do not go quite as expected, because Carol and Maggie end up at some other location. If there's one thing that this scene did seem to indicate, it's that the attacking group, though armed, is not in the best state, given that they have one injured member, and also an older member (though hey, let's not dismiss her yet — she might be an older-Carol badass type). I can't quite figure out who these people are (are they a family?), but I certainly hope that they're all bark and no bite, because otherwise Carol and Maggie are in for a world of trouble.


Who do you think the attacking group is?


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