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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
Meghann Elisa

Now that Deadpool has firmly made his mark on movie theaters, naturally he's going to be subject to some speculation. One thing in particular I'm sure a lot of my fellow Harry Potter fans have been wondering is, of course: which Hogwarts house does Wade Wilson belong to?

Well, wonder no longer my friends. According to actual Marvel canon, he is a... Hufflepuff! As proven by a Harry Potter-themed page from the Deadpool comic. In the story, we see Wade Wilson heading home with his copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince only to be heckled by some idiot in a car who reveals one of the biggest spoilers in the entire series:

In case you didn't notice, he's totally rocking the Hufflepuff look - his robes are yellow and black! Think it could be coincidence? Think again. Original colorist Nick Filardi confirmed the coloring was intentional in a Reddit post:

When asked about why he first chose Gryffindor, he replied:

I just assumed you know.... bravery? Takes guts to do what deadpool does.

He also goes on to say that he's happy to answer any more questions you might have so if you do, hop over to Twitter and send him a tweet. Oh, and in case you were wondering what happens to the jerk in the car, he gets his nose broken - but what did he expect?!

So how do our resident Hufflepuffs feel about sharing a common room with Deadpool? The responses on Reddit are rather mixed. Of course, it is just Wade's personal preference; only the Sorting Hat could know what house he's in for sure. J. K., care to weigh in on this?

Watch the trailer for Deadpool below:


Which house do you think Deadpool belongs to?


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