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Since the announcement of Sony's 2017 slate mid-last year, fans would be forgiven for worrying about the development of Bad Boys 3 thanks to a plethora of wishy-washy statements and relative silence.

Of course all worries were smoothed over last month when Will Smith raised his head on BBC 1Xtra to confirm that he and Martin Lawrence are definitely on board for the sequels. However, it now seems we may have to wait a little longer than expected.

Although originally Sony stated Bad Boys 3 would hit theaters February 17, 2017, today Deadline revealed that date has now been pushed back some months to June 2.

However, if this delay hints that we may actually get to see the dream team back together again in front of the camera, rather than behind, then it's certainly worth the wait! But for now, we'll have to keep our fingers crossed for more of this...

Bad Boys 3 will be directed by Joe Carnahan. Updates to follow.

Do you want to see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star in another Bad Boys movie?

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