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The prospect of a Sandman adaptation has been circling studios and creatives alike since the early '90s, with periodic pitstops in development hell. Now, it looks like the project could be doomed entirely, after Joseph Gordon-Levitt quit over apparent creative differences.

In a post on his official Facebook page, JGL claimed that despite an obvious affection for the source material, he didn't "see eye to eye" with the New Line Cinema. He said:

"We started in on the ambitious task of adapting one of the most beloved and boundary-pushing titles in the world of comics. I was pleased with the progress we were making, even though we still had quite a ways to go."

"It's Been A Particular Privilege"

Gaiman and Gordon-Levitt had been working on the project for a while
Gaiman and Gordon-Levitt had been working on the project for a while

However, when the ownership of the Sandman material was switched from Warner Brother's to New Line, JGL felt that he wasn't on the same page in determining what "made Sandman special." Although he has left the project, he did express his fondness for creator Neil Gaiman. He added:

"It's been a particular privilege as well as a rocking good time getting to know Mr. Gaiman, whose generous insights and masterful work have certainly convinced me that the Lord of Dreams and the Prince of Stories are one and the same Endless pattern."

Is The Dream Over?

The news could be a complete knock-out blow for any hopes of finally seeing the movie spring to life on the big screen. Any success would depend on someone who has a burning passion for the source material, which JGL clearly has.

The comic, published by DC's imprint Vertigo, has a feverish fanbase. It follows the story of protagonist Dream, who is an all powerful lord who rules the world of dreams.

Unfortunately, now it looks unlikely he'll also rule the film industry.

Do you think any hopes of a 'Sandman' adaptation are now over?

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