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From a nervous teenager facing a life-altering decision, to a revolutionary leader — Tris Prior has come a long way since we first met her on the big screen in Divergent. In 2014, Tris, a reserved teen destined to live a passive life within the confines of Abnegation, decides to break the mold and dedicate herself to becoming a part of the Dauntless faction.

As if training to become a fearless soldier wasn't difficult enough, Tris also learns that she falls under the rare category of Divergent — a person the system is unable to categorize into a single faction. Tris's journey is marked by monumental rites of passage, from falling in love to accepting her new identity. But will these be enough to prepare her for what lies beyond the city walls?

One of the most memorable moments in the film franchise, the train jump shows Tris's initial crossover into both Divergence and the adult world. No longer must she wear the plain, long skirts or live the calm life of Abnegation. She has now entered a world of adrenaline, excitement and danger.

Here, Tris begins to leave behind her timid demeanor and expose her inner bravery. Although she's surrounded by a judgmental group of new recruits as well as the intimidating Dauntless trainer Eric, former Abnegation member Tris sets aside fear and is the first to take the leap into the dark unknown. Pretty badass, right?

I think it's safe to say that most of us wouldn't willingly allow knives to be chucked straight at our faces. Tris, however, decides to stare death in the face by standing against a throwing target, just to prove a point. Literally. Not only is she brave, but she is willing to stand up for others, regardless of her own safety. My favorite quote from this scene? "We train soldiers. Not rebels." Oh, the irony.

This might possibly be one of the most beautiful moments in the franchise. Tris just finished capturing the winning flag in the Dauntless training game and celebrates the victory with her fellow recruits. As she zip-lines down, it's almost like she becomes like the swallows of her tattoo — wild, flying, blissful, free.

Many puritanical fans of the book series might protest this scene, since it didn't actually occur in the novels. However, it might just be one of the most jaw-dropping moments of the first film. As Jeanine is about to execute innocent Abnegation members through the use of brainwashed Dauntless, Tris uses one of the few fighting skills she was naturally good at to take down the Erudite leader. Goes to show that everyone's talents, no matter how apparently mundane they might seem, can make a huge difference.

In the second film, Tris decides to undergo a self-inflicted makeover. While the heroine simply explains that she "wanted something different," the pixie cut is much more than a new 'do. Chopping off her locks shows Tris's final abandonment of the life she lived before, no longer letting herself be weighed down by her past.

This scene serves as an interesting conglomeration of the past and the future, the mind and reality. By this point, Tris is already starting to accept her role in the rebellion against the faction system, but her past still haunts her. Her mother, dressed in Abnegation garb, calls to her as the remnants of a city now in ruins burn around her. Despite the peril, Tris still makes the leap in an attempt to save what's left.

This intimate juncture stands out among the rest of the physical, political and emotional chaos surrounding Tris and Four during the Insurgent film. Despite both having lost those closest to them, they still have each other and enjoy a fleeting but beautiful moment in which only the two exist.

This might be the most head-scratching moment of all, as it had already happened in the franchise. Tris first shatters the glass during her testing simulation in Divergent, freeing herself from the confines of her mind. She shatters the glass once more in Insurgent. However, this time, she shatters the glass of reality and breaks down the oppressive walls that leaders such as Jeanine had kept in place for so long.

The execution scene solidifies the fact that The Divergent Series has definitely grown up. Eric has finally rounded up several Divergents in order to find the perfect specimen for Jeanine's brutal simulation, which had already killed several weaker Divergents. Here, we learn that not all Divergents are equal, and Tris stands out as the strongest of them all. She's come full circle at this point, from a wide-eyed young girl fearful of the future, to a powerful leader ready to take on any challenge.

The moment us fans have all been waiting for! Come March 18, Tris and the rest of her rebellion group, with the help of the Factionless, will finally discover what lies beyond the walls of the city. Perhaps they will discover the key to the permanent eradication of the faction system. Or will they discover a threat far larger than they could have ever imagined? But the biggest question remains: Will Tris be able to survive a new world order?

This moment is pretty interesting to watch. Both Tris and Four burn their old outfits in exchange for clothing provided by those on the outside of the wall. While at first I believed it to be a fresh, new beginning for the two of them, the situation might not be as it first appears. Could Tris ally herself with those outside the wall as Four remains skeptical of their intentions? It seems like loyalties may soon be tested.

After two years, Tris is reaching the final stages of her Divergent journey. She has faced unfathomable obstacles and emerged on the other side as one of the strongest leaders of the rebellion against the faction system. As the adventure comes to a close, fans will never forget the admirable transformation Tris Prior has undergone. We started this journey with her. Now let's finish it!

Behind the scenes: Shailene Woodley scales the wall
Behind the scenes: Shailene Woodley scales the wall
Behind the scenes of the wall stunt in 'Allegiant
Behind the scenes of the wall stunt in 'Allegiant

'The Divergent Series: Allegiant' hits theaters on March 18!


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